New Studio Template & Endorsed packs!

Hello Creators!

In recent months, we have worked to replace the older City Template with a Modern City version. Most of the existing templates have been around for a long time and we’d like to better represent what is possible on the platform today.

The new template is also the first to have streaming enabled on by default (more on this below).

Modern City Template

The Modern City Template includes a fully built city area and a Modular City Building Kit so you can easily construct your own buildings. Check out the original compared to the new template.

The template and building kit makes use of meshParts, surfaceAppearance, materialVariants, custom pivots, custom Skybox Art, beams, ambient VFX, Future Lighting, textures, decals, and more!

Packs - Creator Marketplace

In order to make it easy to grab the modular building kit and materials, we have also released the content from the Modern City Template in the creator marketplace. Here are the new packs:

Modular Building Kit - Modern City

  • Use the Modular Building Kit to construct custom city buildings of any size and shape

Modern City Materials Pack

  • Material Variants can be used to create new or override Studio default materials

Modular Building Kit Instructions

All of the pieces of the kit are on a grid, so you can easily duplicate and snap pieces together. In the Modular Building Kit area of the template, you can learn more about how to use the kit and how to set ideal Move and Rotate settings.

We have also released a detailed guide for the Modular Building Kit with useful information, including methods for building and customizing cities at scale to enable larger detailed worlds. We have also created a link to the guide within the template itself!

Assembling Modular Environments

Streaming Enabled

The Modern City template has streaming enabled. Streaming enables massive and detailed worlds, improves join times, and helps reduce crashes, especially on lower-end devices. You can find more information about Streaming here.

If you wish to turn Streaming off, you can find the setting in your Workspace properties. Please note, this property cannot be set in a script.

We also enabled ModelLOD which allows experiences that have enabled streaming to show better visual quality for models that haven’t yet been streamed to the client. You can learn more about ModelLODs here.

Previously Released Content Packs

In case you missed them, we have also previously released content packs that were pulled from demos that Roblox had built.

City and Forest Packs

Beyond the Dark

The Mystery of Duvall Drive

We would like to thank the community for continuing to inspire us and we hope you enjoy the new content.

Feel free to post questions, feedback, or screenshots showing off the content you have built using the Modular Building Kit!

Thank you.


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Do the new assets feature proper wood grain?


Who needs wood when you have concrete and steel? (actually, there is a detailed interior hidden in there that may have some wood…)


I’m so happy to see Roblox continue to release assets for the public. As an environment designer, I work with prefabs, and it can be hard to find assets that I can be certain aren’t already copyrighted. By proving users with assets directly from Roblox, it enables creators to build confidently. Thanks and keep up the great content!


Wow, I’ve just seen this as I opened studio. It is a pretty cool template!

Kudos to those who contributed to it!


This is amazing and super useful! I love how the kit makes it easier to build with guides and information. I hope to see more Modular building kits in the future! :smiley:


looks classy and I love it. seriously amazed

I have a question:
Is the old City Template still available?

If you really wanted to, can access it here (…but try out the new one!):


One of the buildings isn’t named and has a hole in the roof :hushed:

Another has a hole in the wall.

Looks good! I’d love to see more of these kits.


Yeah don’t worry, I’ll try it :grin:
I was just wondering

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Thanks Node, good catch! I’ll have those fixed up next time we patch :smiley:


Wow. Can’t wait to download it and give it a try.

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That looks really amazing! I wouldn’t say that is Roblox. :+1:

Are these bottles of wine? I thought that alcohol is not allowed on the Roblox… :thinking:


it is now. welcome to the future of roblox.


Looks great and nice to see the metaverse expanding with more content packs.
The Modern City looks insane, honestly i cant wait to see the creaitons people make out of it.

I can’t help but admire the wood grain there.


You should stop dodging the question.


it’s just fancy grape juice there isn’t any alcohol