New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

Well they’re playing at lowest graphics so obviously its gonna look trash. Also the new materials have bassicly no cost.

I would be surprised if it did cost… Since most stuff in roblox studio is free

No like cost performance not money. The new materials have bassicly no impact on performance compared to the current one. Which was said by them in a reply.


Although this is a late reply… truly amazing work!
Will there be future support for HDRIs, bump maps, emission maps, etc.?
Or even possibly a node editor?


Beautiful! Can’t wait to incorporate these new terrain textures into my builds.

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So, the 2021 roadmap just rolled out:

And for these custom materials, the status says it’s “Open Beta.”

Does this mean they’re out now? Because I can not find them in the Beta Settings if they are.


I think by custom materials they are talking about the PBR materials

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Those have been out for a while

Did you read? That is the entire point of the image.

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That’s what I thought at first, but when you click the “info” button next to the “Custom Materials” section, it redirects you to this topic.

Most likely a mistake. I say this because it says “New SurfaceAppearance object that enables PBR textures for MeshParts.” In no way it says new terrain materials. It’s just PBR materials for mesh parts and which is why it says open beta.


This seems a bit confusing. Most likely they’re talking about the surface appearance, but they never mentioned New Terrain, New parts, Or Built-in materials. It’s a bit worrying that it’s not on the roadmap, yet. It seems they only posted for January and wont be planning out the whole year, like they normally would in previous roadmaps. It’s been a whole month with nothing said on this topic.(Meaning no new information) When can we opt in beta or when can we enable the beta feature?


It is on the Roadmap.
It’s under Improved Terrain Blending.

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Might be intentional. On the old roadmap they mentioned custom terrain materials. It is possible that they merged the two topics (surfaceappearance, and this). I really really hope they are actually working on it and that is why this update is taking so long. Uploading custom, tiling materials, be it for terrain or for parts, would be amazing and is really needed.

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In that case it says its already launched? What :joy:

Heres all you need to know. It’s not released and it redirecting it to this topic was a mistake. No one expect whoever works at roblox has access to it.

Yea I did, I was agreeing with you.

Oh. My. GOOOOD!!! HOORAYYY I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! I’ve dreamed of this for so long :flushed:
Originally, I was just going to use the upcoming PBR feature to work my way around it but this… this is the real tea! It’s going to make my life and every devs’ life MUCH easier.
Also maybe add other materials on the waiting list like :

  • Roof tiles (Please and thank you <3)

  • Wool

  • Woven basket

  • Leather/ leather couch or cushion (IDK what is called but I mean the couches with the concave bumps

  • Japanese tatami rug

  • Fine china porcelain

  • Rope

  • Mosaic

  • Sponge

  • Other brick walls

And that’s all for now I guess! But anyway, thank you all so much for this wonderful update! Roblox keeps growing as a more prominent platform each day and keeps on accomplishing huge esthetical and technical endeavours to further help us, the devs of Roblox.

Thank you on the behalf of all of us,


Edit: Also will we be able to paint on parts like we can paint on terrain someday? I mean, for example, you have a slate rectangle and you pass a brush on it and whatever was under the brush becomes another material like grass let’s say?


That’s a pretty cool sounding concept!

“imagine instead of decals and Jpg images, you could paint on a part like a canvas using just materials/colors!”

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Unpopular opinion: This is lame. Developers should be able to upload custom materials for terrain. If you want real progress on your platform with professional artists, make it happen.