New Terrain Tools - Out of Beta and Live for All

Hi Developers,

Good news - we’re promoting the new Terrain Tools out of Beta! Thanks for all of your testing and feedback!

Feature overview can be found here:

Additional information can be found on DevHub:

Happy world building!


Awesome update! These new terrain features are really helpful for developers, and you’ve all done a great job with them, I’m also really appreciative of how you listened to the community to see what we wanted in these tools and made them into fruition, awesome job! :smile:


Amazing update! Have been testing it since it was released to beta and I must say it really adds to world-terrain building techniques. I’m glad it’s now public after a short session of bug fixes and feedback.

Keep the cool updates rolling! :sunglasses:


Ok, okay. Time to become a professional terrain designer! :sunglasses:

But what about the grass update? When will that come out for everyone?


Good news ?? That’s the greatest thing i’ve heard today… :open_mouth:
In addition to all the fixes that were applied, this is gonna be awesome !

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Will we be seeing custom terrain textures anytime soon ? The ability to make our worlds look vastly different from others would be greatly appreciated, rather than all using the same textures.


Grass update is live for everyone as of yesterday.


Great update but is there any reason why the brushes no longer have outlines? I think that the brushes looked a lot better with the outline.

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That looks pretty nice for those who look more realism using the terrain tools, I think that benefits me.

Its a great update! but there seems to be a bug with painting, when i use flattena nd switch to paint, it wouldnt paint at all.

They mentioned a fix was submitted for that issue and will be live in January.


Hey, can we have the option to disable/enable grass through parts?


Oh alright, Thanks for the reply.

Could there be an option to use the old terrain editor? This current one has messed up the creation of our game’s map and made it harder to place down water in regions where we want it. Now, there’s no way to get smooth terrain water to blend smoothly with underlying surfaces without completely deforming the bottom.