New Top Navigation Bar: Easily Switch Between Creator Hub Pages

This was already on the plans to be produced; now, it is finally here! :star2:

However, I believe a few things could be improved since this update was implemented today.

To start with, I suggest changing the name of the section from “Forums” to “Forum” since there has only been one forum for Roblox Creators/Developers historically. Secondly, with the recent integration with the Creator Hub page, it would be appropriate to update the website’s name accordingly. For example:” – This fits rightly now just like any other link you are accessing on the Creator Hub, such as Creator Store, “”.

Furthermore, the idea of @Bestspyboy should also be taken into consideration too! It is visually clean and organized because we don’t need to see the duplicated profile picture as well as the title of the website’s name being replicated.


We’d love to do a full update on the forum themes. No ETA on this yet, but it’s definitely on our radar.

A link out to the main website is an interesting idea! Do you often go between Hub/Forum/ in one session?


Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

Yep! I don’t go between all three every session, but I do go between them quite often (in many sessions). And I’m sure that many other developers do as well, some probably more than me. So, I would greatly appreciate it.


This is so stupid because on im logged on my main account

On this devforum im on my alt account

Now here is the following that happens for me:

  • on the new topbar i got avatar thumbnail of my main account
  • on devforum topbar i got avatar thumbnail of my alt account (bakonowychlopak123)

This is pretty stupid lolll 2 accounts shown on the same website (


This is consistent with the behavior before the change (you would have been logged in on different accounts on devforum vs. Creator Hub). It’s just more visible now so understandably it’s a bit more confusing in short-term.

We’re going to make changes over time to pull these two closer together. This is just the first change in a sequence.


Thats a good question

Is roblox trying to kill devforum and try to revive old roblox forums?? (omgggg OG roblox is back?!?!?)


There’s an issue where dark mode is forced on the DevForum now, despite light mode selected in settings. This only affects the DevForum, not other Creator Hub pages. Please fix! :pray:


If I may make a suggestion, I think it’d be good to integrate the forum stuff with the main top bar a bit more closely, like how Framework does on their website. Look on the right hand side:


I like it, but on mobile i use the dev froum “app” and used to tap the big Devforum tex at the top to get back to the main page, the etra sets kinda a pain :laughing: I know its new and minor but

Edit: seems like I can still do that, just when i first was trying it kept doing the drop down menu


Cool but do we really need these? Just move the 2 icons up there and remove this secondary useless topbar.


Have you set your theme preference within the forum settings? While we did just connect the two conceptually, the Hub and Forum are still two separate products. The forum themes are managed through the service we host the forums on.

The square dropdown menu next to your avatar has the forum-specific theme options:


Yes, I’ve selected light mode but the website is still displaying dark mode.


Yes, this is the long-term intent but we have additional constraints to design around at this time that other sites do not have (e.g. unrelated login sessions across two pieces of software).

We’ll get there in the future through iteration. We want to get to a place where there is one session, shared notification systems, etc.


This is an overall nice change, the only problem I find besides the few problems already mentioned is that there’s no compatibility for extensions that change DevForum’s style to give it a nicer look.

With Extensions:

Without Extensions:

I have to disable extensions for now which is kind of frustrating for both sides.


I dislike this top navigation bar. I will remove it with AdBlock Plus.


Just confirming you’ve set light theme both on Creator Hub settings and on your Forum settings? There are two spots you’ll have to update, one being Forum-specific over here:


I’ve been waiting for this change to happen for months! I’m glad its finally here!

  • Too much repetition (“Forums” and profile picture)
  • Migrate devforum to create
  • Integrate buttons to navbar


On mobile the text says fo… It look pretty bad, if the roblox studio icon is added back it would be better.

and on pc it look weird


it looks ugly as hell

especially on light mode (use completely black text! not light gray!)