New UI backend going live soon

This could be the culprit, try this.

This is caused by a bug in the chat scripts which we fixed a few weeks ago. You’ll need to update the ChatBar script in order to get the fix. There’s also a manual patch you can do if that’s not an option.


The UIPageLayout’s circular property no longer seems work as it used to. Before, the first and last item used to render beside eachother creating a sort of looped wheel effect. But now it won’t render the first objects until you have completely scrolled past all the last objects, creating a big gap and weird pop-in of frames:

I assume this is related to this new system, it started happening around 3-5 days ago.

Edit: I found two other bugs with UIPageLayout when I tested with touch devices:

  • Swipe scrolling now seems to be really choppy. Instead of smoothly following your finger when you swipe it stays still and teleports to your end location when your are done.
  • The MouseButton1Click and Activated events no longer fire from touch taps, which breaks almost any interaction with a UIPageLayout on mobile

Can be reproduced with this file: PageLayoutBug.rbxm (4.9 KB)


Can confirm, I’m having the same issue.

I’ve reproduced the issue, I’ll look into it. Do you need your game added to the blacklist for now?

I noticed that you can workaround the issue by using these steps:

  • Create a (1, 0, 1, 0) sized invisible frame parented to the ScreenGui.
  • Set it as ClipsDescendants.
  • Put the Frame that contains your PageLayout inside of the invisible frame.

The new system has some slight changes to the behavior of circular page layouts, besides this bug. If there are not enough elements to fit the full width of the carousel, instead of the behavior of teleporting to the right once an element pops off the left side, there is a gap between the last and first elements that makes up the rest of the space, so that you can’t see elements popping in. This shouldn’t affect the UI in your game, but it does apply to the example rbxm you’ve provided.

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I think I’m having the same issue because my mobile player base has been wiped out and I haven’t made any changes, but on any touch/mobile device, a GuiButton inside a UIGridLayout doesn’t fire on MouseButton1Click or Activated.

edit: issue was unrelated to this, due to a different UI-related update

In my game Case Clicker PC users are getting hit hard with lag recently when trade menus or backpack menus load in thousands of UI Frames, however Mobile is fine. Could this have to do with the new update? I haven’t changed anything in my code.

edit: place id is 680750021. If you would like to add me to the blacklist I could let you know if this fixes it.

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Yes, if you could add game ID 654732683 to the blacklist until it’s fixed it would be helpful.

Also, the circular bug affects the GUI in my game too. I recorded the current behaviour in the game on the video in my previous post. The frames fill the entire width but will teleport between the first and last object. (There’s over 140 frames and only 11-12 fit at the same time)

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I’ve been experiencing massive game-breaking issues as a result of bugs in UI Constraints, and I fear this may be related. Would it be possible to blacklist the following places?


Could Restaurant Tycoon be added to the blacklist for now?

I used a lot of UIScale objects and the update caused a few problems

Has my game been added to the blacklist yet? Because if it has, this issue seems to be because of something else than the new UI backend. Mobile players are still reporting the same issues about the UIPageLayout Activate/MouseButtonClick events.

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I doubt either of our games have been blacklisted yet as she hasn’t been online since we posted about the problems.

I’ve been out sick - I’ll add your games to the blacklist today.

There’s a bug causing the huge performance regression with layouts with many objects. I’ll be working to get this fixed as soon as I can.


Your places are in the blacklist now. I’ll be working on fixing all these bugs in the next couple weeks.


Hey, can you add this game to the blacklist until the issue gets fixed?

I added your place, sorry for the delay.

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I saw some users on Twitter complaining that Seranok’s Catalog Heaven was suffering from this bug as well, maybe you could blacklist it also until this is fixed.

Hope you are feeling better.

Is this a bug? Table pushing items outside the frame size at specific resolutions and not properly scaling.

I can send the gui in private messages if you want to check it out.

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Yeah, it’d help if you could send me the gui.