UIPagelayout doesn't animate properly from touch input

Currently touch swiping on UIPageLayouts is really choppy. Instead of smoothly following your finger when you swipe, it stays still and teleports to your end location when you stop the swipe.

Before it acted like a standard swipe-scrolling element where the list follows the drag of your finger, and rolls on if you do a fast swipe and release.

Video of current behaviour:

Repro place used in the video: PageLayoutRepro.rbxl (19.1 KB). It can also be reproduced in my game Car Crushers 2 using the topbar in the dealership.

The bug happens all the time in every place as far as I know. It started happening after the release of the new UI Backend which was a while ago. The reason Iā€™m posting this now is because I just realized I never made an actual bug report about it other than this post in the original thread. (The bug with the circular property mentioned in that post is also still present)