New UI backend going live soon

We’re looking into this.

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None of those UI objects are TextLabels, they’re either ImageLabels or Frames… They create lag spikes of up to 2 seconds and it could be worse for lower end pc’s

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I have a fix for the UIScale parented to ScreenGui/etc issue. Hopefully I’ll be enabling it next week. I’ll post here when the fix is live.

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We have a fix for this which should be out next week.


There’s problems with :SetCore(“ChatMakeSystemMessage”) right now making anything created jump above the players’ chats to the very top of the chat. Is this something to do w/ my game being blacklisted?

I’ve also noticed a few times where I (and many others) would join a game and the playerlist would be in the middle of the screen as opposed to the very right of the screen, but that’s not as major as it doesn’t happen every time.

I’ve reproduced this issue and it looks it’s a bug in the chat scripts unrelated to the new system or the blacklist. I’ll look into it.

Edit: See here:


Not sure if this is related to my game being in the blacklist, but i’m getting a few reports about the CoreGui being positioned incorrectly sometimes. Here’s a screenshot from a user:

Don’t know much more about it other than this since I can’t reproduce it and it seems to be pretty uncommon.

This is likely an issue with the blacklist mechanism. Since your game seems to have a workaround for the circular UIPageLayout bug (at least in the dealership UI), do you want me to remove your game from the blacklist? It should behave the same as your development place once removed.

I have a fix for the UIPageLayout bug, it will hopefully go live soon. It was delayed because of a problem with the fix.

I’ve been randomly getting reports of the CoreGUI bugs also, as I stated above. Do you know if the UIGridLayout bug that would cause clients to freeze/crash when tons of UIs are added at once has been fixed? If so, the blacklist could be removed from my game to fix the CoreGUI problems.

Do you think there could be some pictures/videos to go along with the UI constraints? The documentation doesn’t really help I find, and the few ones posted on that blog post about them were excellent.

I made some really ugly ones at one point but it looks like they weren’t carried over in the switch from the wiki to the developer hub.

Yeah, the fix for the UIGridLayout issue is live now. Your game should be safe to remove from the blacklist, but it’s hard for me to verify.

I don’t need the blacklist removed yet since that’s pretty uncommon. But once the circular bug is fixed I would like to use the new backend again.

You can remove the blacklist and I’ll see how it goes. With newer updates to the way my game works players shouldn’t notice a huge amount of freezing anymore even if it’s not 100% fixed.

Your game should be removed from the blacklist now.

Hi, my game went from being filtered on 0 devices to around 7 mobile devices recently. Could this performance dip have anything to do with the new UI being re-enabled? I’ve played on mobile and can’t seem to find what’s making people crash, however I have an iPhone X with a pretty beefy processor.

ScrollingFrames inside other ScrollingFrames are still screwed up:

  1. Middle image is off (too high compared to end images).
  2. When scrolling, they lag and then teleport to the position they should be in.

Completely screws up my options page :frowning:

Yeah, I’m aware of the issue, I can’t fix it until after the holidays unfortunately.

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I have some low end devices I can test with to see what happens, but I can’t do much about it until after the holidays.

That’s fine, if you do test let me know what you find. I assume you can’t do anything because you’re under the code block or whatever it’s called that they do at the end of every year?