Hello everyone!
Today I started making a new visual scripting plugin and it is doing great so far!
It is very similar to my current plugin EventBlocks. It has the same style of scripting (like Scratch does).

Why am I doing this?

First of all, for fun. I like making new plugins.

But more importantly, EventBlocks has been made very poorly. The plugin’s code is unorganized, it’s really slow to make new blocks and it’s just hard to develop in general. So I have decided to start making a new plugin that will be more professional and easier to continue making.

Some progress

Here’s a video I took showcasing the current state of the plugin:

I’m focusing on making the interface friendly, easy-to-use and make sure it has no flaws or glitches.

The drag and drop system works perfectly and it’s really smooth to use. When blocks resize, they tween their size instead of just instantly changing.

I didn’t show it in the video, but you can double-click in an empty input field and it will automatically add a string into it (This feature makes scripting with blocks much faster. In the future it will be able to add any type not just strings). It saves you the time of searching for the string block and dropping it into the block.

Unlike EventBlocks, this new editor can handle lot more capsule-shaped blocks as well as normal blocks.
Also it saves less, it only saves when you change scripts.
I’ve improved the performace by a LOT in general.

Are you interested?

Please tell me in the replies if you want to be @tagged in the upcoming devlogs!
(You will get a notification when it comes out if you are tagged)

What will happen to my old plugin?

In case I’ll release BlockLua, EventBlocks won’t be discontinued.
I will focus more on this plugin instead of EventBlocks though.

When will this release?

I can’t give you an exact date. Probably at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. It may not even come out if I lose motivation or not enough people are interested.


Nice, I have a few questions, will it be free? if not will it be free for everyone who has eb?

Is it out right now or no, looks like its not but I could be wrong…
Will this be an upgrade to event blocks or is it just a side project


It will be free for a few days so anyone can try it out. After that it will cost 100 robux just like EventBlocks does.


I’m also wondering this too, and what does the backend look like if you’re willing to show it

This is just a devlog, it’s not out yet.

Yes, this is basically an upgrade of EventBlocks. But it’s also a different plugin as well.

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Sounds nice. I’m hoping this will be better than EventBlocks because… EB is clearly in a pretty rough state right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, do you think it would be hard to maintain two plugins like this? Both are pretty big projects and I’m curious if it will affect the people who bought EventBlocks and the project as a whole (however it’s like really cheap, only 100 robux, so I guess it’s not bad.)


Yes it will be hard.
But I’ll be focusing on BlockLua when it comes out.
EventBlocks will be secondary and It will only get updates when necessary.

So yeah it will affect the users of EventBlocks. But nobody will be forced to change.

When this plugin gets out it will be announced in the EventBlocks Community server so EventBlocks users can get it while it’s free. After that it will cost 100 robux.


I’d like to be tagged in all the future posts about BlockLua. EventBlocks was really cool and I can’t wait to see how you’d be able to improve on it


When it wills be free, please @tag me because I don’t want to miss it :wink:

Anyways I’d like to be @tagged in all the future posts.

Also if it is similar to Event Block, I’m sure this plugin is amazing!!


Firstly, you should make it free because the only people that will be using this are people that are new to scripting, and likely do not have Robux. Secondly, not to be mean or anything, but why would people use this over scratch for learning to script, I thought the entire point of Roblox scripting was to introduce non-block scripting. Overall, looks cool though, maybe make a game with coding challenges with these blocks.

I mean, he does have EventBlocks which has proved to be fairly successful for him. so I don’t think it’s that much of a problem, especially considering it’s starting free and going to be paid after a fair bit of time.


As @roman2885 said.

EventBlocks has proven to be successful, there’s no doubt about it.
This plugin will use a similiar marketing tactic but the plugin itself will be more professional and better in general.


It’s… 100 robux?

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For a lot of people like me, this is a lot.

Check out the third devlog!

Sorry for not announcing devlog 2 here.
Check out devlog 3 to see the latest updates: