Newly Acquired Badges Fail to Appear under Player Profile / Are Improperly Ordered

Page URL: logitech101 - Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-03-05 00:03:00 (+08:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-03-07 00:03:00 (+08:00)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Enter a game and obtain a badge
  2. Visit your player profile (e.g. logitech101 - Roblox)
  3. Scroll down to “Player Badges” section.
  4. New badges are not listed
  5. Navigate to view all badges under player inventory “See All” (e.g. Inventory - Roblox)
  6. Find that acquired badge is located at the very end of list (last page).

Seems to occur regardless of browser/cache (tested on Chrome + Firefox through hard refresh). Guessing its a backend issue.

Expected Behavior:
Expected Result

  1. Acquire badge in game
  2. Navigate to profile on website
  3. New badge is visible on profile.
  4. New badge is also properly sorted under inventory.

Actual Behavior:
Acquired badges are being added at the end of the player inventory list, presumably causing the player profile to not display them.

For this example, I acquired two new badges in the following order:

  1. A badge created under my account. Lock and Load - Roblox
  2. A badge from another game (not created by me) 1M Badge - Roblox

New badge(s) are expected to appear on this list under player profile. Only “old” badges appear.

New badges expected to appear on the first page of full badge inventory page.

New badges can be found on the at the end on the last page.

Apart from the two new badges, the rest are my OLDEST badges by acquisition date.
Note the ordering of the new badges are in proper sequence, but are all located at the end of the badge list.

You can still see ur earned badges by navigating to the end of your full badge inventory.

But kinda unoptimal since the whole point of it is to show off recently earned badges on ur profile lol


I’ve experienced this recently. I also got that 1M badge, and another badge in that game, and they’re my most recent badges, however, I haven’t seen them on my profile. I’m supposing that they’re at the back of my badges list, but I’m not gonna check because that would take a long time.


Can confirm.


My Inventory – Last page of badges

The two badges inside of the red lines, created by jaredvaldez4, were earned in September 2012.

Every other badge inside of the yellow lines were earned in this past week (start of March 2021).


This is happening to me, too. The ones boxed in red are from 2015. (holy this brings back memories) All of the other badges are from today/yesterday. This is probably related to the outage of badge service yesterday.


I’ve recently gotten this as well, none of the badges i’ve gotten in the past 3-4 days have appeared where they should have.


Thanks for the bug report. We’ve identified the issue and we’ll have a fix out soon next week.
To be clear: you have not lost any badges, they are only out of order. They will be in the correct order with our fix.


This is unrelated to the outage- we were experiencing these issues with badges 17 days ago.

The badge API is also returning wrong badge counts on users, you can see that in these screenshots:



This happens 100% of the time for anyone who has more than 21,000 badges in their profile. It stops around 15,000 consistently.


To add on to this issue:

For some reason only the first 100 badges are appearing in inventories of users with 15,000 or more badges, like shown:

As you can see, only the first 4 pages of these users inventories are being shown, when in reality they both have hundreds of pages. This issue is easy to replicate: simply obtain 15,000 badges or so from badge walks. There are many groups related to badge counts that cannot rank members properly because of the API glitches and this inventory issue. This has been going on for at least 2 weeks now, and it has been very annoying to check your badges.


as another addition, for mobile users:

mobile users, on the other hand, will get to page 26, but it’s padge I earned a week ago.


Any news when this will be fixed?


This issue has already been fixed.

Currently, while any newly acquired badges appearing incorrectly have been fixed, badges I earned during the period of time where it was bugged are still showing at the end of my badge list:

(For reference, the badges on the bottom row were all earned at the start of March 2021, as shown in my other post)


I think they just didn’t fix the ones they went to the back of your badges, because newly acquired badges have been working for me.

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I’m aware of that, however, I interpreted the wording of @ DropTableOopsie’s post as:

“The badges that you earned are only out of order – these badges will be in the correct order with our fix”

Which meant to me that any badges which were incorrectly ordered would be resolved in addition to any future badges that are acquired. I presume I could always delete those badges if I don’t want it to show up at the end – I just didn’t know if this was something that I misinterpreted as part of their fix.


hey @StrongBigeMan9 - we’re working on restoring the order of your badges. we aim to have it fixed soon


The badge counter API is still broken as well as the inventory page limits, neither of these were fixed.


I wasn’t aware that new badges were broken again because it was working for me before, thanks for letting me know.

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