Nexus Git - Roblox Studio Git Control for Rojo Projects [Suspended]

Edit (3/18/2020): This project has been suspended. It is no longer for sale from the plugin marketplace. The main feature of Nexus Git (external syncing) is no longer needed since Rojo 0.6 has two-way syncing.

This thread is in Cool Creations intentionally for 2 reasons:

  • It is not free (1,000 Robux through Roblox) unless you build the client yourself.
  • It is not ready for full production use. There is enough missing features and known bugs that prevent it from being easy to recommend.

Rojo is a well known tool for using external editors, but can only be used to sync into Roblox Studio. If you use Roblox Studio as your only text editor, you are unable to contribute to Rojo projects since Rojo can’t sync out of Roblox Studio. There is a GitHub issue for this, but it hasn’t had any update since May of this year. Additionally, using Git requires you to constantly switch windows if exporting files was to exist. Nexus Git fills these holes, by allowing you to import and export Rojo projects and perform Git requests from inside Roblox Studio.


For setting it up, see the GitHub pages for information about setup.

“I use Rojo. Should I use Nexus Git?”
The only feature Nexus Git has that Rojo 0.5 doesn’t is being able to sync out of Roblox Studio. If you frequently do bug fixes and testing in Roblox Studio or you need to regularly export things like models, this can be helpful. Other than that, Rojo is a different workflow and should not be replaced with Nexus Git.

“Why not just use Rojo?”
This thread shouldn’t be a discussion about using Rojo, because there are cases where Rojo can be tricky. Doing constant quick play tests in Roblox Studio on something like a laptop can require constantly switching windows, which slows down development. Rojo has its own advantages that should be considered if you are looking for a different workflow, which are covered in other threads.

Why Isn’t It Free?
Nexus Git was a massive project spanning several months. Due to the really small target market, I am assuming those who want easy updating are willing to pay the 1,000 Robux ($3.50 in DevEx, $12.50 from buying Robux) price tag. If you don’t want to pay for it, there are instructions on how to export the files to Roblox Studio and save it as a plugin.

If you have feedback or bug reports, consider using GitHub issues since it is much easier to handle than replies to this thread.


This is something I can definitely do in the future. I am getting a desktop at Christmas and I lost my video editing software when I accidentally wiped my boot device a few months ago (whoops), so installing it twice within 2 weeks isn’t ideal. Nexus Git does have quite a few things, so a video walk-through would make sense.

Hmmm but VS Code is better than the ROBLOX code editor by kilometers. But I guess there’s some (niche?) people that likes it better. Sweet, but the price is a turn off though.

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The price is a turn off? It’s equivalent to ~$3.50… If this a tool that streamlines your development workflow, it’s more than worth it.

Rojo is the alternative that is being referenced. It is a tool that allows you to sync files in your file system into Roblox Studio so you can use external editors like Microsoft Visual Code (aka MSVC, or VS Code), Sublime Text, or Atom. VS Code offers a lot of workflow improvements as a text editor, as well as integration for other text files like markdown files for documentation. Nexus Git is for people who use Roblox Studio as their script text editor and want to be able to bi-directionally sync Rojo projects. Most people I have talked to consider Rojo to be the “superior workflow”, while Nexus Git provides compatibility to work with those project structures while still using on Roblox Studio.

Also, saying it is $3.50 is a bit misleading. There are 3 prices technically:

  1. Free if you sync the files into Roblox Studio using Rojo 0.5. Updates are harder this way though.
  2. $3.50 if you base it off 1,000 Robux to $3.50 in DevEx
  3. $12.50 if you base it off $10 -> 800 Robux.

While 1,000 Robux isn’t that much to me, it is a lot for a developer who is starting out and doesn’t have Premium. This is the second reason why there is a GitHub repository to make the plugin (first reason is to allow others to modify and improve it). Price shouldn’t be what turns people off; already using full-Rojo or not wanting to adopt external version control is what would turn people off.

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After 4 months of the project being released, I am suspending Nexus Git. Nexus Git’s scope got too big and would have required months to get robust enough to continue using. Additionally, two-way syncing is now a feature in Rojo 0.6.

I have taken the plugin off sale since I do not want to handle support for it. If you are one of the 8 people who bought it and want a refund, please either private message me here or on Twitter. In the case you were using it, I recommend completing the move to using Rojo and external editors. Nexus Embedded Editor has launched and can be used to not have to constantly not switch windows.