|Ninja Queso Dev Portfolio| (Not Finished)


Hello! I am NinjaQueso. I have been doing 3D modeling and scripting for almost a year now. I have been on Roblox for 6 years and I love doing game development!

My Work

Here are some of my 3D work. This is a very small amount of it though, I can make a extremely large variety of things from weapons to decor. I do not have any scripting work to display because I only do it for fun on occasion.

Assets and other work

![Screenshot (148)|690x291, 100%]


I am for hire currently.
I am usually available during Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can work for a good amount of time during those days. Keep in mind I have school on the weekdays.


I only accept Robux. I will do percentages and per asset.

Contact Me

You can contact me at NinjaQueso#5108 on discord or Queso_Dev on twitter.

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