[NJO] The New Jedi Order Division Handbook


[NJO] The New Jedi Order Division Handbook

This post will include a list of all official NJO divisions, how they work, and how Player Divisions work. This guide is necessary for anyone interested in joining, creating, or interacting with any sort of NJO division.



To join an official NJO division, you must first reach the rank of [I] Hopeful, join the division group, and pass a tryout held by a division high rank. From there, you will have a career separate from your rank in NJO that you can pursue. For example, a [XI] Commander of a division can simply be a [IV] Padawan in the main group! This allows for individuals to focus on what they want to focus on in NJO.


To create a Player Division you must first reach the rank of [III] Initiate. Once you make your division group, you must go through this verification process:

Once your division is created and verified, you can run it however you want. There are no rules as to how you run the division, who’s in it, what its purpose is - it’s all up to you! That being said, NJO is not liable for any disagreements or internal problems that arise within a player division.
To join a Player Division, there is no rank requirement. You do not need to be in NJO to join a Player Division. There is no limit to how many Player Divisions one joins.