[NJO] The New Jedi Order Player Divisions Guide


[NJO] The New Jedi Order Player Divisions Guide

This post will have the verification process for Player Divisions, how to create and lead one, and how they interact with the official NJO.


  • Create the Player Division group

  • A link to [NJO] The New Jedi Order must be in the description

  • The purpose of the Player Division must explicitly be to interact with NJO and play its games

  • An alliance request must be sent to [NJO] Player Divisions

  • The Creator of the Player Division must be in the group [NJO] Player Divisions


Do I need to be in NJO to create a Player Division?

  • No. Your division can be something like “Corellia Raiders” or “Jedi Exterminators,” as long as you are in the [NJO] Player Divisions group you can make one.

Do Player Divisions get special items and boosts in-game?

  • No. However, one’s work in a Player Division can lead to recognition and promotions in NJO if it does well enough.

Are there any requirements to join a Player Division?

  • Only what the Player Division’s owner dictates. For example, if the owner of a Player Division states that only 5 people can be in the group and they will be handpicked, that is how you get in. Player Divisions are exactly what they sound like - divisions made by players.

Why would I make a Player Division?

  • Player Divisions are a great way to get yourself recognized in NJO in a way that isn’t simply your rank, combat ability, or knowledge in Star Wars. They are your own community to organize and lead, connected to a larger community of people with your similar interest in Star Wars! Along with this, some Player Divisions can receive Robux compensation to grow their group and make products for their members!

Do I need to have [NJO] in the name of my Player Description?

  • No. Although many like to put it their to show their allegiance to the group, it is not required to have [NJO] in the group’s title.