"No Escape" DevLog #6

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the devlog inactivity lately. We have finals soon in school and I have been prepping.

What is “No Escape”?

“No Escape” is a private-lobby escape room for you and your friends. Virtually everything is able to be opened, closed, turned on, turned off, moved, and more! You (or your team) need to think out of the box to escape the rooms, and gain your freedom back.

During this and last week, me and my friends have been working on a lot. For one, we now have an accurate representation for the new prison map, and have all of the item systems in place and ready to go. I will have to admit though, my computer is not too powerful and does not help me with finishing this game too well… for now.

Yes, I am buying myself a brand new PC for gaming, developing, and school. I am taking 3D Modeling classes in HS, so I need a good PC.

I am gonna be packing an i5-10600K 10th gen 12 threads (for rendering) with a GTX 1660 Super, along with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD. Im gonna get a 165Hz 1080p 24" monitor also. Yeah, this is gonna be an expensive one.

As for some bad news, we are setting the release date to be somewhere around 3 months from now (mainly because of this new PC and that summer is about to begin.) Over the sumertime though, we will try our best to get it out so whenever you are having your friends over, you all can play this game as a party game!

One more thing, I will not be posting as many videos to keep the ways to escape the rooms private. Whats the fun if you already know? Don’t worry. I’ll still post some screenshots as development goes on.

Thank you very much @EternalEthel for the amazing GUI donation. Check his portfolio out here!

Thank you for taking you time to read this and have a great evening!

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Seems like a good game. Looking forward to seeing it in the future.


Good luck at 3d modeling :smile:

I joined the group