"No Escape" DevLog #5

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Okay guys, today I have quite the update!

What is “No Escape”?

“No Escape” is a private-lobby escape room for you and your friends. Virtually everything is able to be opened, closed, turned on, turned off, moved, and more! You (or your team) need to think out of the box to escape the rooms, and gain your freedom back.

Join our group and discord server!

As of now, we are now currently set for release in 1-2 months! The first release game will have 3 stages. The 2nd and 3rd stage being way more difficult than the first one. And I mean hard!

We have scrapped the garage part of the first stage. We didn’t think that we would need it.

The second stage is going to be a prison environment, which would definitely be pretty fun. We have already started on this, and we are set to finish the map this weekend.

The third stage is going to be a huge library. We chose this theme because this is the same theme that the lobbies take after. It’s gonna be pretty sick!

Every main client and server system is finished. The hard part is done, now it is just building, and creating the logo (any suggestions??)!

I really cannot wait until this is going to be released. Its going to be a banger of a game. I can feel it. But of course with this, there comes some funding problems. Currently, our team does not have enough money for any new workers, or for advertisements. I suppose I can spend my own money, but I kinda need this for a new computer I need for highschool (and developing), as I am a freshman in 2 months (im 14). Please, if you find this game appealing, tell your peers about it. I would love a small community with you guys in it, and we can certainly make something big!

Due to school, I am unable to post videos on the weekdays often. I will be more active posting these during the weekends and during the summer of '21! (I am currently writing this at 12:20 at night im tired lol)

And finally, as a little fun thing to do, should I create a q&a video? Would that seem interesting to you guys? Let me know.

Thank you very much @EternalEthel for the amazing GUI donation. Check his portfolio out here!

Thank you for viewing, and have a great day :slight_smile:

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Make it fast so i can play it lol

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Also Do You have a community which i can join?

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Yeah. I should probably link it :sweat_smile:

We have a group, and a discord server, but the discord server is quite inactive. That will hopefully change…

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Alright Im gonna join Your Discord Server and group

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Can you tag me? I would love to see the progress on this game!


Seems interesting. I’ve seen concepts like these on Roblox but they never took off, hopefully yours does.

I’d like to be tagged in your Devlogs, please

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Woah I cant wait I can see this becoming big :grinning:

i joined the group :smiley:

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