No more animation transition smoothing after it ends?

So before when a animation would end it would “smooth” back into the idle animation etc.

but very recently. it no longer does this for some reason apparently.
anyone else had this problem or found a way to fix it?
because my game heavily relys on this “smoothing” effect and without it. it looks amazingly bad.

Before: i would attack and when its done it would smoothly go back to the idle animation.

Currently: ill attack and when its done it will instantly cut back to the idle animation with nothing inbetween. making it look extremely choppy and bad.

Heres a good example.


when you :Play() an animation, the first argument is the amount of seconds it smooths out. you probably did :Play(0,weight,speed) . It should be somewhere between 0.1 and 1, depending on how smooth you want it to be.


doesnt seem to be working. changed this number alot of times.

whenever a animation stops it will instantly cut off with nothing inbetween (so no bringing your sword back after slashing etc)

also how come this has only started just recently?

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i am having this issue aswell im not sure what happen i cant seem to get it to be smoothen out between gun animations

if multiple people are having the same issue then its probably just another roblox bug. you’ll have to wait it out until its fixed i guess

edit : awesome! seems like they deprecated the LoadAnimation function and changed how animations work.


so ive been testing it a little bit more. and the default roblox movement animations seem to work smoothing into the idle. and the holding animations smoothing also seems to work.

its only custom animations that are not working or smoothing when they end.

Ahh… well this is wonderful.

just tried this out and didnt seem to fix it apparently.

it works its just the problem is still there for some reason.

Post i made about this was the wrong category so it go closed instantly with no warning so guess I’m on this thread now. I had the same category as this one too.

Reposting here since the last thread got taken down.

I can vouch that this is an issue, I’ve seen in it in other games such as Rogue Lineage and Anime Battle Arena, and see it in my own game’s animations.

My own game’s current animations as an example.
For reference, here’s how it should look.


changed it to art design support if that helps

I am also having this issue with my own guns, they used to work perfectly. But then I updated studio 10 minutes ago and Boom, all animations have no smoothing in or out and when I use the smoothing parameter it doesn’t fix it.

My Animations:

I would like to thank the roblox team for this update personally. Thank you for making my animations clumpy and aweful to look at with help of your necessary update, my player base will be glad, much appreciated.


Just figured it out.
You have to use humanoid.animator to load it

BUT ALSO have to use the :play with a 0 so :play(0)

So hum:LoadAnimation(id/anim) anim:play(0) this seems re adds smoothing.

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So @Lightning_Splash was correct you just had to have 0 as the first increment in :play() with it.