Animations Breaking after Update

After the latest Roblox update, animations are loading in very weird or not loading at all. This started happening today.

Possibly related:


Then how do you load animations without using that? Even in other games I’ve played the animations seem stiff or dont load.

I can vouch that this is an issue, I’ve seen in it in other games such as Rogue Lineage and Anime Battle Arena, and see it in my own game’s animations.

My own game’s animations as an example

Edit: For reference, here’s how it should look.


Yeah thats how all animations look like after this update for some reason. But my game for some reason looked 10x worse, as if the animations were corrupted! Idek whats going on but hopefully they get to fixing this.

Deprecated does not mean nonfunctional, but it does seem like it’s connected to that change.

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If :LoadAnimation() is deprecated, how are we supposed to use animations anymore?

Weird thing is I checked and couldn’t find any other way to load animations onto a humanoid or animationcontroller BESIDES :LoadAnimation()

You can read this post here

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We are supposed to use Animators now.

Just went to check my own sanity on this as well because it’s impacting most of my games, roblox’s default humanoid animator script still uses :LoadAnimation().

I’m also noticing that after this update weird black “shadows” appear randomly and flicker in the corners of the map. Some lighting bug apparently.

Hey, thanks for the report. We are looking into this issue. :smile:


Using Animator:LoadAnimation() does not help. I am currently working on something using it and the bug still happens.

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It’s just a bug with Roblox, we just have to wait for them to fix it. Shouldn’t be that long. The main issues are just animations not loading or loading stiff and broken, as well as some small lighting issues I noticed with shadows.

Thought I’d mention that there is currently an issue with the default animations, you can see a slight flick at the end of each jump in all games. Not only this, the game I’m currently working on has been broken by this update and I’m currently trying to work out why, it involves a custom character and was working perfectly fine before the update.


Mhm its happening to everyone. My idle animation on my custom character flickers as well, and my walk animation dosent even load. They’re working on fixing it hopefully.

I am looking into this right now, with hopes of having the problem resolved shortly. This is not related to the API changes to LoadAnimation, but rather an animation optimization flag that is enabled prematurely.


Having this issue as well. Some animations just don’t stop playing ever for some reason, and other very weird behaviors


It appears to run at a halfway level, and then the “flicker” is where it cuts into the actual animation. Very strange.

Issue has been fixed.

Appreciate the roblox staff fixing it.