No Roblox games show up in Google search

When I google a Roblox game, eg Murder Mystery I’d expect the game to be one of the first few results. But currently when you google the name of a Roblox game, no links to the game show up on Google. Only links to youtube videos, wikis etc show up but there is no link to the actual game


Can confirm this is happening, I also tried searching roblox jailbreak link, the game still didnt show up, to add on to this, I searched roblox arsenal link but instead of the game’s actual link coming up the badges did.


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can confirm this too, as of 2:22p EST on Wednesday, Oct 28.

This is happening on Windows, MacOS, Android, and IOS.





Maybe Roblox shut something down? Idk to be honest.

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This is happening to me also. I’ve tried with games that I know appear in google search and are now showing.

yes great quality I know


Same problem with Corridor of Hell.

Same for me on Safari. But wouldn’t this be the search engine’s fault or the actual people who search, because roblox can’t control what show up in the results, and people who search those (key)words might click on other things more besides the actual game link so it shows other stuff instead.
if any of that made sense SEO settings for games seem to be messed up, been happening to me aswell.

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This appears to be intentional

Explained by Google’s documentation:


An interesting question would be why Roblox would intentionally prevent games from showing up in search engines? It would hurt discoverability.


that would be a real shame if this is the case, roblox’s search system is so terrible i avoid it at all costs and have been using google search to navigate roblox for years

really hoping this isnt permanent, or roblox has a plan for improving their search soon


Can confirm it too. I’m getting headache when I want to search for phantom forces and it shows stupid videos. I need to open roblox first and search for the game, it’s so bad.


This isn’t only affecting games - it seems most links from are blocked from showing up in searches.

I used Google to find specific Roblox clothing as a work-around to the Catalog search, but now searching for shirts, pants, gamepasses, decals or any other type of asset returns a very limited amount of results (maybe 1 or 2 results from the Roblox domain, if I’m lucky).

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same thing here, noticed it while searching on my phone, it isn’t just games, its profile links aswell.
anything from is filtered.

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I can confirm this, was able to replicate on Macbook Air 2020. The only roblox-affiliated link that will show up is the devforum link.

Well… What if a kid still uses google and sees those same results, except now ON TOP OF THAT, they won’t even find the game they were looking for, which could possibly lead them into coming across something even worse.


I think I read somewhere that they’re removing the feature to look up roblox content in google because of the text filtering.

Thats ridiculous, if you’re removing the official search result, scammers can easily create fake sites and get their search result at the top, children and developers will click the link thinking its the roblox site, yet they get scammed off of their account instantly.

Nobody is going to pay attention to it being a fake link as everyone is used to finding the official result at the top of a search engine.

So basically, children + developers who are used to doing this are all instantly scammed because roblox removed the ability to search for links.


This has always happened to me, except for adopt me and jailbreak

Isn’t roblox hurting itself with this aswell?

This would make it harder for new people and already existing users to find roblox via a search engine as they would probably look for “fun games” or “roblox” on the search engine, not knowing how to reach the site by entering the full link in the bar at the top.

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Hi developers, thank you for the report.

We’re temporarily blocking directories, including /games, from search engines while we address inconsistencies on what you can find on our platform versus off-platform search engines. This does not impact game search on the Roblox platform.