No way to appeal?


There is a major bug/issue that is happening (and have been a problem for a while now) within the way you appeal a DevForum moderation appeal. Although this is not a bug as such on the DevForum, this issue MUST be addressed and fixed.

Ok so basically when you get moderation action (for example a post gets taken down) you get sent message under the title “Feedback”. On this message at the current moment it says that to appeal you need to “reach out to Support - Roblox under Moderation > Appeal Account or Content dropdown menu with a link to this message.”

What you get sent:

Now the issue with this is that when you contact Roblox customer support they first re-direct you to the “Developer Exchange specialists” however after a few days of waiting for the developer exchange to contact you they tell you that you cannot appeal via the Roblox customer support.

Email you get saying you are getting it escalated to developer exchange specialists:

Email you get from the developer exchange specialists:

The issue however comes when you contact Roblox DevRelations as stated by customer support because DevRelations just then re-direct you to the customer support team again.

Example of email I got a while back when I appaled one:


Honestly this is stupid and really needs to be fixed. I created a post about this in #forum-help:forum-questions just to ask if anyone have had the same issue and it does not seem to just be me who have this issue. Now with this post due to finding out it was just not an issue I was having I contacted the @DevEngagementTeam when I created this help post and also even emailed the DevRelations team via email but recived nothing about it back. Now it seems to still be an issue even though contacting the DevRelations department many times?

Link to this post:


Oh yea also something to add, for some reason the appeal system did work once for me recently but I got after a few months (2-3) an email back saying my post was correctly taken down even though it was not (and they said it was due to being off-topic not spam unlike what the message sent).

Also the appeal team suck at there jobs. The post was taken down they later told me for it being off-topic even though it was 100% and clearly on-topic. Also another post that was taken down for being off-topic recently was falsely taken down (which was the first image I sent in the main post).

Hey @LifeDigger this duplicates the recently posted DevForum Feedback messages incorrectly inform you to contact Roblox Support, please make sure to search through #forum-help before creating a new topic.

The #forum-help:forum-bugs category is for technical bugs, please use #forum-help:forum-features for community management concerns.

Closing this out in favor of the topic above.

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