Nobody is playing my game, why?

You should work on optimizing the game for all devices. Also work on updating the game and advertising. You will need like 40-50k robux to really launch a game. You should focus on professional looking thumbnails, game icons and ads.


that with the graphics is patched

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Okay. But either way, I think the biggest issue is you aren’t spending enough on ads. Based on the way your game works, you need to constantly have people in the queue for rounds to start quickly. People’s attention spans are really low and most people will leave if they have to wait beyond 20-30 seconds for someone else to join. So for this kind of game, you need to quickly get a good amount of people on for it to get up and running.

With 100-200 RS per day, you’re barely going to get any players on. The couple players who do press play will get off within a minute because there is no one else playing the game.


How much should I put in the advertising?

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I think the biggest reason no one is playing it is a marketing problem. With a game like yours, it has to have multiple people to actually be playable/fun, so when someone does manage to find it and then joins, if there isn’t anyone else on they get bored fast and leave without returning (because they didn’t get to really try the game.)

Sponsoring/advertising is going to be the best way to get players on. I sponsored one of my games for 10k over 2 days and I got over 300 concurrent player, and around 750 group members. Some less-expensive options would be getting a large group of your friends, really promoting it on Twitter, etc. These methods are more labor-intensive though.


It isn’t optimized for mobile, I’ll look further into it later tonight however you should make it compatible on all platforms. If a project does poorly on PC it can do well on mobile or Xbox.


If im done with the War Pass then i will make it for Mobile and Xbox

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I’ll give a little review of the menu, for a test of potential popularity. It’s my first on the DevForum, so I really don’t know how to give a professional one.

Menu Review

  • The layout is nice, but the “[BETA]” icon should be in the corner.
  • Try to use ParticleEmitter fire for the burning vehicle, as it is heavily customizable and looks nice if you put some effort in it.
  • My FPS keeps dropping a lot because I believe there’s too much grass meshes. Attempt to cut back on that.
  • The first thing I noticed was the gun images. Stretched out images like this makes it look, well, unprofessional. Set the ScaleType of the ImageLabel to “Fit”, or use ViewportFrames! Article:
  • ViewportFrame GUI
  • The grey image backgrounds and colors could seem unattractive to players.
  • As @Spynaz said, this part of the UI doesn’t scale well at all, most likely because the buttons use Offset instead of Scale. Proof:

    VGA is still a thing.
  • Please use alternating text colors and sizes! Differentiate between titles and descriptions by doing this.
  • This UI doesn’t scale well either.
  • Why is everything capitalized? You should still take differentiating titles and descriptions into consideration.

And last but not least, the Credits section of the main menu.

  • This section thankfully scales properly.
  • Title and description differentiation!
  • “Feedback comming soon”?

And we’re done with the menu. Good thing you added a music muting system.
Unfortunately, the game requires 8 players to start, so I couldn’t review the main mechanic of the game.
As Spynaz said again, you should spend more on ads. 100-200 is not going to get you a lot.


IT may depend on community, nowadays there are few games based on Battle-Royale and less people likes that game type. Try making adds and as @ShutokouBattle said, glitches.

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I would first run a few different ads for 2k RS each to test which one gets the most CTR (click through ratio). Then take the best ad and put in 10-20k RS per day for a couple days. If your game has good monetization, you should be able to make that RS back within those couple days which can be used to fund more ads.

But of course, you need to analyze whats going as you are advertising. For example, if you invest 20k into ads in one day and barely people play the game, don’t continue to spend the rest of your money. Instead analyze what the problem is, fix it, and try again.


I think i need a Job… xD
Thank you for your help!

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No problem!

On a side note, if you want to earn some money to fund your game, I would suggest trying to find people to work for who will pay you in RS. You can post your portfolio here to find people who would want to work with you:

I don’t suggest buying RS with USD because that will turn out to be more expensive (2k RS is like $5)

Make some AI, and add a single player option, so people can play whilst it is still gaining popularity.

Edit: Waited in the queue for a while, got into an empty game, and the camera is broken

One call-out in the name is already too many, let alone three. New players won’t care about them because they don’t mean anything until they play the game. Instead, indicate updates in the game icon and thumbnail (which you’ve already done).

Sponsoring Games: 20k robuxs is a good start
Advertisements: 10k robuxs is a start

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Ads are now disabled on game page so I suggest only ‘making’ sponsored games

We (My Group) stopped working on Mini Royale
Reason :
The game is very unstable because I made several mistakes in the development
BUT it will come out a second version which is much better than the old one

Thank you all for your help!


Friend @itz_rennox , there’s a surefire plan you can use and it’s no secret! it’s called translating your game, why translate your game? It is very simple when you translate your game into other languages, it will be easier for people to access your game, for example, I advise you to check this topic.

This is a good idea for you or the other.
Just imagine? if just translating your game into portuguese has a big impact imagine in other languages? I hope I helped you! And as it becomes more accessible you gain many more visits! For example, I gained 10k visits in one week just translating! so thank you for reading so far! Hope this helps!


It could depend on the graphics you are using. I
If you would my honest opinion, the thumbnail is kinda eh.

Another thing is, some of the render with the other thumbnails look very weird with the lighting and also the fact they are quite small.

Like @redguy16 said, try advertising your game a bit more.

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Before spending thousands on ads you have to make sure your game can make revenue by itself. Do a small soft launch (500-1000 on ads) test 3-6 ads and pick the 3 that have the highest CTR (Click Ratio). If starting revenue is your problem find a investor willing to help you out. If the game is well made it can attract many of them.

A really good icon and thumbnail help but the game “Camping” uses a very simple icon and thumbnail and still get attraction. This is because the game is good overall and doesn’t need a good icon or thumbnail to support it. There are many games who use this strategy. Basically what I’m saying is your icon and thumbnail doesn’t need to be good to get players.