NoCollisionConstraint not showing in the Plus menu

NoCollisionConstraint doesn’t show at all in the insert menu off the plus button in the Explorer.
It also shows up grayed out in the beta insert menu as well.

Not really a big problem, but still needs a fix because it unnecessarily complicates inserting NoCollisionConstraints.

image RobloxStudioBeta_2019-12-22_15-55-48


In your second screenshot (beta insert flow), the object being greyed out means it is not suggested, but you can still insert it. Feel free to record any confusion/inconveniences you have on the announcement.

For non-beta inserting, I imagine Roblox will just replace it with the beta.

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I imagine the beta inserter is drawing from the same information the non-beta one is when determining what to suggest. This issue is moreso that the NoCollisionConstraint is not flagged as a suggestible class under BasePart, which is strange because all other constraint classes are. The beta inserter just has better UX about this.

Definitely worth mentioning on the announcement though since people are currently actively looking at the insert workflow.

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