NodeEditor plugin - edit your Lighting with nodes!



I introduce you to NodeEditor! The plugin which allows you to edit the Lighting properties simply and collectively! If you’ve worked with Blender Nodes then you’ll definitely get a feel for that in this plugin.

NodeEditor allows you to connect nodes which have ports to ports of components and update Lighting properties, actually just connecting them is satisfying.


You can get NodeEditor from the website here:

Bugs? Suggestions?

Be sure to reply to the thread if you find any bugs or would like to add some suggestions as to what should come next.


This plugin is a Part of the Plutility Suite


Why wouldn’t you just set the properties manually?


Nezuo - It’s just a matter of preference.

I have to say though, the differing font sizes (especially on the left side) pains my UI designer soul. Can you please make them uniform or evenly scaled throughout?

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Yeah, the completely UI looks completely mismatched. The plugin would look a lot more professional if the font sizes were more consistent, and aligned with each other.

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Looking at this further, I think this plugin has potential, but as Nezuo pointed out, there’s really no added benefit yet. There’s also a few limiters that are detrimental to functionality. The most obvious to me is that it looks like most nodes have exactly four ports. Take an RGB node for example. If you consider the nodes in Blender, an equivalent RGB node would have one output port that could connect to a potentially infinite amount of other ports on other nodes. You really limit yourself with only having four ports per value node.

You’d also benefit a lot if you added color mixing nodes or other modifiers like those in Blender. That would give this plugin a functionality that can’t be easily achieved by simply changing Lighting values.

Keep up the good work, you’re doing great.


Having programming and stuff more visualized is an interesting concept that can probably help a lot of new users, It’s just not as useful for something like lighting like is a pretty simple thing to do. The UI also does look a bit off, but if it’s expanded past something like lighting it would make for an awesome resource for new users.

Hey folks! Thanks a lot for your input and criticism, I really appriciate it!
I’ve recently pushed an update to ensure the Buttons share the same TextSize, yet also they’re sorted alphebetically now.

I’m going to be working throughout the day today to add new features to the plugin and make it more worthwhile to use. Keep those suggestions coming, I’d like to hear more.

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This plugin gave me reminiscent of playing around with nodes on Blender. I love it! I’ll hope Roblox would make it happen officially in 2021-2025.

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