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Hello I'm ReturnedTrue, a programmer who has been developing on the platform since March 2019. Over my time on the platform, I've created multiple resources, tutorials and commissioned assets. I have experience in working with large teams or developing individually.


Here's all of my work:

Community Resources

Community Tutorials

Personal projects

Robloxos - a personal project

Latest Development Video:
- YouTube
Level systems:


Card packs:
Play the Pre-Alpha version here:
Robloxos - Roblox

Simulation - an unfinished QTE runner

Image of gameplay:

Play it yourself here:
Simulation - Roblox


Shop System

Order System

GitHub profile

To see more of my work, go here.


Due to my education, the amount of work on weekdays is limited. However, on the weekends I'm able to work more than 5 hours per day. My timezone is GMT.


I prefer one-time commissions and my only accepted payment is Robux from group payouts. It must be assured (not from revenue) and paid before I hand over any assets.

I’d like to make it clear that payment is discussed and determined depending on what you require me to create. I will only settle on an equal deal for both sides.

Some pricing examples include:

  • Leaderstats that save between sessions - 3k Robux
  • Custom-made leaderboard - 5k Robux
  • Cafe ordering system - 10k Robux


There are multiple ways to contact me:

  • Discord - ReturnedTrue#8774 (most preferred)
  • DevForums @ReturnedTrue (responses will not be as quick)
  • Twitter - @ReturnedTrue (least preferred, responses will be slow)

Return is one of the most hard-working scripters out there! I suggest you hiring him!

Pleasure working with him. :slight_smile:


How much would a discord bot cost?

I should’ve really included that, here they are:

Edit: my services for developing discord bots are no longer available.

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Yikes, that’s a lot for me. 30chars