Non Development Discussion Category

Hello, I would like to see a new category for non development discussion as there are some topics that do not fit the development discussion criteria.
Edit: From what I have seen most developers do not want such a category. I want to say that developers should be able to discuss non development topics with each other and non developers should also be able to discuss topics with each other.


(When Roblox Forum existed, the whole Roblox community was able to communicate with each other)


Why would you discuss non-development things on a forum dedicated for development?


Sometimes other things that are not fully related to development also need to be discussed.

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They can be discussed in other places. There used to be something called the “Roblox Forum” and it was a disaster.

Let’s not make this place a disaster too.


Where can they be discussed?

I would recommend creating such a category because many topics are taken down from development discussion for not meeting the criteria.

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They can be discussed in other places i.e. not on the DevForum.

That might tell you something like whether or not these posts actually belong here.


You shouldn’t want to be discussing non development related things on a forum related to development.

No. Just No the forum is already being bombarded by random garbage posts that aren’t even related to ROBLOX, plus the dev forum is a developer forum so why would you even think about posting a post not related to development?


#lounge:off-topic is the one category that is used for non-development, this category is restricted to Regulars only. However, you should not treat the forum as some kind of topic dump for no reason. Do not post solicitly for the sake of posting.


This forum is intended to be professional - not a dump for absolutely anything. Subjects that aren’t development related don’t belong here and should be taken to a platform like Discord or Reddit instead.


I have seen some topics that are somewhat related to development but have been taken down.

Those topics have to be directly or indirectly related in first order(sometimes second) in order for it to be valid. Stray too far and it is no longer related to development.

Also the other explanation is the topic is a duplicate.

You can’t create a topic in #development-discussion that discusses about a feature. Discuss about the techniques to getting around the feature instead. This way will change the development in focus instead of the feature.

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A non-development discussion would be the death of a somewhat in-order developer’s forum. The reason we have chaos on the devforum is because people are treating things like a non-development discussion category thanks to youtubers attracting non-devs to the forum.


This would attract a ton of people (if you remember the quackity incident) who would troll and shitpost

The off topic section of this forum is restricted to Regulars for a reason - this isn’t a place meant for non-development posts.


This is the developer forum, not the Roblox forum. It’s purpose is for development, not unrelated discussions. If you really want to have them, go join a discord or talk to friends.


You might as well just create a discord server them

I like how when the question was asked “Should Roblox allow more mature content” ( talking specifically about gore and sexual stuff ) - about 90% developers said YES even though Roblox is a children’s platform.

Though when someone mentions having A SECTION on the DevForum that’s not development related ( a pretty harmless suggestion, especially compared to the first ) - it’s a 100% united NO, because it’s a developer’s forum.

Another fine example of Roblox hypocrisy, like father like son like company like it’s community.

Not roasting anyone who posted here specifically, I’m hopeful that all of you are somewhat sensible.

Looks like an apples to orange comparison. Those two topics aren’t related. The forum is already ruined, we don’t need to ruin it further. This is a forum for developers, not the average player.