Non Euclidean World 2

Really cool! But I have some questions:

  • Are you going to open source it?

  • Is this Scripted?

  • You were talking about glass material making the effect. How does that make the illusion?


Thank you for your review!,

Question 1 : Are you going to make it open source? and if not maybe a tutorial on how to make the effect,

Answer: well i don’t really think i could at that point since i am making a whole game out of this and when the game is out i will for sure make this open source for everyone to use and learn from it

Question 2 : Is this Scripted? and if so How long in lines is it?

Answer: Yes it is scripted, and it’s from 50 - 98 lines

Question 3 : And you was talking about Glass material. How does that make the illusion?

Answer: i don’t remember talking about any glass materials, this illusion isn’t working with any glass materials just to make that clear

i will make sure this will be open source for everyone after releasing the game that will have it, thank you for your time!,


First of all, great job! But I do have a question.

Question 1 : Are you planning to make something with this? It has a lot of potential.

Since I don’t script I find this like magic. :upside_down_face:

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The “no teleporters” is throwing me:
I can’t work it out, any explanation?

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Okay, I think i’ve figured it out, The player is never teleported, the long outside corrirdor parts are just attached to the other side simulating the effect. Simple yet suprisingly effective. You never move more than a couple feet but your eyes and brain trick you into believing you did. I assume you have two detections on either side?

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This is a really cool illusion. I think I have found out how it works.
But even if I knew exactly how it worked, it’s still a very cool illusion! Great job.

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This is very well made. I love the work!

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Thank you, And Yes there will be a new upcoming game with this, i will announce when it’s out

Yes there are no teleports it’s a perspective change

is that a question? sorry didn’t understand what you are trying to say.

I figured it out, its far from perfect and it might not be the same as yours but it works

no portals
no teleporters
no meshes

edit: there are a ton of bugs but im not gonna worry about them because im not doing anything with this

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Yeah i noticed it is buggy and maybe with decals

thin layers.

but yeah great job, keep creating stuff!

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Does this get deleted after 14 days?

Is it open source yet? I want to see how this actually works in studio. Nice job!

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it isn’t open source yet, soon

Really neat illusion!

(Not the comment, just the GIF)

I was going to record a gif to show this exact thing, my suggestion would be to lock the first-person camera. This would make the effect a lot more believable!

Really cool showcase and I’m excited to toy around with it once it becomes open source!

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Wow this is pretty cool, good job.

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Oh i removed first person because they won’t believe it isn’t used without teleporters and stuff

however, the last one i made was with first person so the illusion would work, Non-Euclidean Illusion In Roblox

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