Non-Euclidean Illusion In Roblox

A Quick example of Non-Euclidean World
(Had to reduce the quality so i can upload it )


Woah, you’re an illusionist!!

It looks really long on the outside, but its actually smaller in the inside!:astonished::astonished:

Dude, i’m blown away! How did you do it?


OMG i had to watch it twice because I thought I missed something!

That is awesome!! How did you do that?? haha


I think I know what you did there, very tricky.

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The Houdini of roblox has arisen


There uploaded a lower quality video instead of posting the reddit link!

I need to know how this Magician did this! It’s awesome, Portals or What?

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That’s really cool! How were you able to accomplish this? Did you use viewports?

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Wow illusion of the century!

Also to people wondering how he did it, I think he may have used the portals from Teleportation Portal Demo by @EgoMoose


Oh btw, no one actually got it right, there are no teleportation in this it’s actually a whole illusion

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No teleportation at all it’s all an illusion

Not that either, there are no teleportation in this

This man is the actual Houdini of roblox

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So how did you do it? 30charss

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when you enter the tunnel the perspective changes and when you get out it will look like you got out of that long way

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Wait did you use any programming at all?

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ofc i used programming, to make the perspective change and use math to get the exact ending of the tunnel like if you noticed when you get out you are kinda at the ending of the baseplate while you didn’t really teleport anywhere

Makes sense anyways good job. 30chars

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How long did it take to make the whole thing

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1 hour and half or maybe less 30charsss