Non Euclidean World 2

This is very well made. I love the work!

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Thank you, And Yes there will be a new upcoming game with this, i will announce when it’s out

Yes there are no teleports it’s a perspective change

is that a question? sorry didn’t understand what you are trying to say.

I figured it out, its far from perfect and it might not be the same as yours but it works

no portals
no teleporters
no meshes

edit: there are a ton of bugs but im not gonna worry about them because im not doing anything with this

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Yeah i noticed it is buggy and maybe with decals

thin layers.

but yeah great job, keep creating stuff!

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Does this get deleted after 14 days?

Is it open source yet? I want to see how this actually works in studio. Nice job!

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it isn’t open source yet, soon

Really neat illusion!

(Not the comment, just the GIF)

I was going to record a gif to show this exact thing, my suggestion would be to lock the first-person camera. This would make the effect a lot more believable!

Really cool showcase and I’m excited to toy around with it once it becomes open source!

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Wow this is pretty cool, good job.

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Oh i removed first person because they won’t believe it isn’t used without teleporters and stuff

however, the last one i made was with first person so the illusion would work, Non-Euclidean Illusion In Roblox

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