None of my game appear in the Roblox search. Even older games which used to be at the top of the search

Not sure if this is the right category, but I do not know where else to post this.

Currently, when I try to find any game that I have ever made, none of these games ever seem to make an appearance in the Roblox search. Even older games that used to top the search results now no longer show up.

For example, my older game Respect Simulator no longer appears in search results. Even when I search its exact name various other games (including some which have the name Respect Simulator but no visits) appear.

Respect Simulator currently sits at over 15,000 plays, 451 favorites, and 192 likes with a 70% like/dislike ratio.

I simply do not understand why this game, along with all of the other games I’ve made do not make any appearance at all.

Has anyone else had this problem? How can I resolve this issue?


Well, look at your statistics. 70%? That isn’t good. Also take a look at your graphics. Not really good. You have to revamp your game. All the gfx isn’t nice.

You gotta make your game better man, sorry.
Also, the idea isn’t that good. Uhm, try to think of a different idea, keep it up1

That is beside the point. I was not looking for criticism on my ancient artifact of a game. I am trying to figure out why another game (also named Respect Simulator) which doesn’t even load and has a 5% like/dislike ratio is appearing while my game doesn’t make any appearance at all.

This game appears when the word “Respect” is searched

Has no plays, no ratings, no icon. Yet it comes up while mine doesnt even register?

Was my game blacklisted?


Oh. you didn’t even mention this game.

I did not think that it was relevant. I am just trying to figure out why my game doesn’t show up when you search the exact name of it. Not very many other games exist with that name and yet many irrelevant games appear in the search.


Hmm. Not sure at all. Try adding tags, or changing the name?

Okay I will try adding tags and Maybe I’ll add something to the end of the name.

I can confirm, it’s a bug.
It’s happened to many large games, and also my game.


This post is not helpful at all and should just be removed.

You’re telling someone “the game idea isn’t good” “make your game better man” “try to think of a different idea” which has nothing to do with OP’s post.

As far as I know, statistics of especially 70% which is not even bad have nothing to do with what shows up on search so I don’t know where you’re pulling this from.

Do not post unhelpful criticism on peoples work which has nothing to do with the post when you have as far as I can see, nothing to show yourself.

As for the original question:
From what I can see there is no reason why your game doesn’t show up. Your game search just comes up with a bunch of unrelated simulators, so it could just be the name bugging out with ROBLOX.

From what I do know, games that don’t have icons/thumbnails don’t show up which I experienced with a testing server for an upcoming game which had nearly half a million visits.

Keep searching it’s probably a bug, but if you can’t find a solution try writing a bug report here, as I doubt ROBLOX Support will be able to help with this matter.


Ok! Do not take this the wrong way but I am so happy that it isn’t just me! I thought that I had done something to anger the Roblox gods because nobody could ever find any of my games in search.

Soon my team is going to release something new (and a lot better than Respect Sim I might add) and we are worried about our game not appearing when players look for it.

I hope this is fixed promptly

I hope so, look under bug reports for the full report.