Northern Daylight | Official Release

Hello Developers!

This is a new showcase I have officially released 2 days ago, it’s called “Northern Daylight”. In this game, you explore the map and maze and if you want, make it to the end of the maze into another place.

I know it isn’t too big but it’s all my uncreative mind can think when I got alot of stuff to do irl, It’s been quite long since I’ve made an actual showcase.

Game Pics

Outer Environment



Clonetrooper1019 - Realism (The character animations)
Nitefal - Donation Board
IntrepidDude - Rest of the game

Thanks for reading this!

Have a good day!


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It’s pretty nice. Except I don’t like the camera you are using it’s very buggy and started doing weird stuff. The temple’s fairly basic and doesn’t have much detail or relevance? Also the environment is mainly just trees not much else. Apart from that good work!