Not able to create any gamepasses for my roblox game

I’m trying to make a gamepass for my game, however I’m not able to for some odd reason. The game is public and others can play it. I’m also having an issue that, for older games I’ve made, I’m not able to configure the gamepases at all. I feel like this is a ROBLOX issue, but I’m sure somebody has figured it out by now,


Yea I also seem to have the issue.

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Here is an image from a seperate game (also public) that has a gamepass. I am brought to this screen when trying to configure the pass.

So it might be a company-wide issue currently?

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Seems like it yea. Unless there is another way to create a gamepass (I don’t think so though).

I have submitted a bug report so hopefully they can fix it.

Great, thanks. Let me know if you hear anything about it.

Raise a Roblox customer support and complain about this issue. They will surely look into this and you will be able to add in gamepasses into the game after a couple of days ( Min : 24 hours, Max : 4 days ). Write in a formal way just to bring their full attention and not in an informal way ( If you know formal and informal letters, write the complaint in a formal way with required designations and salutations ). You can use the email format to make it more clean, precise and formal. By doing so, the Roblox developer will take your complaint seriously and fix it as soon as possible. Good luck!

Makes sense. Do you have an email I can contact?

Roblox seems to have temporarily disabled the uploading of assets to the platform, unsure if this is an issue or maybe intentional?


This change seems to be permanent, as attempting to upload a shirt manually by going directly to the webpage is impossible. I’m assuming all upload pages are removed, and Roblox has just taken a massive L. Could be wrong, still fingers crossed that this is temporary, but I’m not happy with this change.


This has been reported as a bug and is thankfully temporary.

Roblox wouldn’t remove the ability to upload assets to the site, that makes no sense

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I would imagine - it’s a gamepass Im trying t upload as well, and not just an asset. I couldn’t imagine them removing gamepasses.

Yeah agreed, especially considering that this is an issue with uploading gamepasses (how the company makes money). I’ve never seen this happen before, though. Seems odd.