Not allowed to disable paid access comments? Option to only allow comments from players please

I can’t find it anywhere, and the positioning is pretty messed up.

I hope this isn’t intentional because our paid access place (Alpha version) is just getting spammed with negative comments about the price of 80 robux for alpha. When we shouldn’t get this feedback from people that have never played the game and are too impatient to wait for it to release in Beta. People are even posting comments like “SCAMMMMMMM” just because the price is too high for them.

Images of Place Configuration ![](upload://r126cn7gYZxib3CaVOwyUPRaWCX.png) ![](upload://ho1GoPwxpwbBJTOPJyeyeIN2tsW.png) ![](upload://39TPqSjy8QaFMlXMGQjBrKM0mwO.png)

No. But I know for sure that Paid Access games never let you disable comments.

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You beat me to it.

Can confirm. Here is what I see for the RBXDev offices.

Here is a feature request idea: Replace the “Comments Allowed” button with a “Require player to play game to comment” button, and it would solve a massive amount of the spam (not all, but a lot). It could also help with the clickbait games, “invisible shirt” scams, and other things where nobody can say an item is a scam.

Edit: Ok, you can stop giving my likes here. Made a thread for that… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, well that sucks. Liking @TheNexusAvenger’s idea a lot though.

Guess we just have to deal with this for now, I checked, none of these people played the game:


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