[Not For Hire ATM] Want to Collaborate? (Experienced Low Poly Builder)

About me :grinning:

Hi there! I’m dev_ACFM, (Or AC for short) and I’m offering to be a builder for any of your projects. I’ve been creating on the platform for about 2 years on different accounts, and I make Low Poly builds. Although I make Low Poly, I am not familiar with 3D Modeling software, like Blender or Cinema 4D.

Showcase :hammer_and_wrench:
You can view my assets here (Different accounts): https://web.roblox.com/games/4445743597/Medieval

Availability :spiral_calendar:
My time schedule currently to be on the platform is (EST):
Saturday: 3-11 PM
Sunday: 3-11 PM
Mon-Fri: 4-11 PM

These times aren’t 100% accurate as my online school is a little disorganized, and also since I’m hired at the moment here on ROBLOX.

Why You Should Work With Me :thinking:
I feel like you should work with me as I can get assignments done, (depending on schedule) I will be mature, and I think I would be able to build to your liking.

Payment :heavy_dollar_sign:
Prices are negotiable, depending on the project and/or the work. I accept ONLY Robux.

Contact :speech_balloon:
You can contact me here on my Discord: AC_FM#4532
If you don’t have Discord, you can DM me here on the forum.

Quick Conclusion:
In conclusion, I’m a hard-working Low Poly builder who would be mature and build to your liking. I do have a slightly tight schedule.
P.S It would be appreciated if you would give feedback on my showcases :smile:
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Cam you add me on discord i am interessed.

Hello there! I added you. Sorry for not responding sooner!

I am interested but I am really broke, how much do you charge for a medieval themed house?

i like how your putting yourself down on the about me part lol… dont be discouraged you can do it!

lol thx, I was in a rush when making this topic, so I just put down whenever something came to mind

I’ll do it for free. Not joking. I’m already hired by someone else who’s paying some big bucks, so one medieval house is no problem.

Edit: It’ll only be made out of parts. That means it might be a little laggy for mobile players.

You can take these houses off of me, wasn’t really gonna use them in the first place. AGAIN, These are made out of parts.

If they are made out of parts that is incredible. This means that you gave a lot of detail.
“I’ll do it for free”–> Your work is amazing, I will try get some robux from my game and then I can pay you
My discord is: people been messaging me for UI help so its now gone
I couldn’t add you so please add me and we will talk :smiley:

Hey, I changed my discord a while back. The thing is, I didn’t post this. I’m pretty sure ROBLOX reposts portfolios after some time so it won’t get lost or something. This is my new discord: