Not receiving 2FA emails on specific email

Hello, I recently have had my account compromised, and I contacted support and they had my account reset. However, when I go to log in and send my 2 step verification to my email, I get no email for it.
The email is not in my spam, promotions, or any other folder, and no emails are blocked. I used to get Two step verification emails before I was compromised. My account’s email was not changed.

I troubleshooted the issue multiple times and nothing seems to work at all.

I also tested this on my alternate account, setting the email to the email on my compromised account and sending a two step code. Same result. HOWEVER, I hooked up my alt account with a different email the two step email was received. Not sure if emails are blocked from receiving two step if login is attempted too many times.

I’ve noticed there are very few posts about this, so I’ve decided to write another one to see if anyone has any insight for me, as there were no solutions on the other posts.

At the moment I am currently locked out of my account with no way in, and Roblox support has not replied to me in quite some time.

Not sure if many others are having the same issue.

UPDATE: After almost a day of waiting, Roblox Support finally disabled my 2 Step to get into my account. However this is still an issue that will probably come up next time I try to log in.


Have attempted to whitelist the email?

I added the roblox email to my contacts. Probably the closest thing you can do to whitelist it.

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A lot of these recent account compromises have had the compromisers setting an auto-forward for your email so that they can receive all of your emails from Roblox and you do not get anything. I recommend checking and making sure that they’ve not set up an auto forward on your email. If you do not know how to check or disable auto forwarding a quick google search should tell you.


Can reproduce. I had to send ~10 emails to roblox support to get my password reset manually because apparently can’t receive the emails at all.

I also have this kind of issue sometimes. Usually I get the code in my mailbox (sometimes with ± 5 minutes delay), but sometimes the mail even never arrives.

I never thought of this, however this wasn’t the case. There were no emails under forwarding. I did include my other email on it though. I wonder if it’ll send the 2 FA codes there.


Not sure if this is worth mentioning but this happened to me too a while ago. I couldn’t find anyone else with the same issue and as far as I’m aware that email still doesn’t work. I had to ask support to get my password changed manually and I’ve never reverted since then because that would lock me out of my account.

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


Hi there, thanks for filing this bug report. Unfortunately, the engineers could not reproduce this issue. If it starts to happen again please file another bug report so they can look into it.


I had this exact issue with reseting my password and needed to send about 10 support emails to actually read the email and do it. the email service in question was

whatever happens, “Forgot my password” and 2FA emails simply did not come to the email, spam or othewrise, everything worked w/ gmail on the same account

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