Not receiving predicted amount of Robux from Premium Payouts

What do you want to achieve?
Been developing a game for the past month and gained about 3200+ Visits so far, around 500+ of them visits were from premium players, and about an income of 3000 Robux aswell in total.
What is the issue?
So i waited much longer than a month actually for a payout, my predicted amount was to be in the range of 300 - 400 robux, but its literally 13 robux.

I got more premium payouts 2 months ago for a game that got like 40 visits.

Any Explanations?


Premium payouts are not calculated by how many premium players play your game. The revenue is actually divided in how much time they spent in your game in relation to every other game. So, essentially, the reason your revenue is low is because people don’t play your game for long in relation to other games.

Edit: Even if your premium payout revenue is low, you shouldn’t really expect any real income from it. The numbers you gain from it are generally low, so you should more think of it as an extra award.


The average time they spent in my game was literally 10-15 Minutes, the predicted robux has 0 reflection on the amount that i really recieved.

I think they have to spend 20 minutes in game

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Then they perhaps spent far more time in another game? We don’t really know a lot about on how Roblox handles these payouts, so being able to pinpoint exactly how it works would be very hard without extensive testing.

The minimum you can receive from a player is currently 6 Robux, which you normally gain after roughly 20-30 minutes of playtime from a premium user.

On a side note, the amount you gain has currently been tripled by efforts from Roblox. They might end that campaign later on.

Lol, might aswell give up making games then, predicted robux vs actual outcome is such a letdown.
and if thats tripled??? im convinced my game is broken then haha.

Perhaps use more marketing techniques in your game, then? Your primary source of income should really not be Premium Payouts since, well, they’re pretty low.


Good point, but i was really hyped to see how good premium payouts would be, and therefore should i implement more premium benefits in my game.

Just make sure you don’t add too many benefits! :wink:

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Why wouldn’t you? There are no disadvantages to having premium players in your game so you should want to get as many as possible, this adding tons of benefits.

Edit: my games have no benefits by the way

600 premium players > 13 robux, seems like a 10/10 investment.


My brother made a game called “Free owner admin” at sometime in January or February and it started to get more and more popular when more people noticed it, he got alot of premium payouts and about 1k+ visits on his game each day so basically you have to be patient on when your game might get premium payouts

Doing something like that would really ruin the experience for players that aren’t currently premium users. Not everyone is able to afford premium, so when they see how many benefits they get they might just lose interest due to the excessive amount of reminders for them to get something they cannot get. Adding too much benefits would essentially make the game pay to win, something which I heavily discourage doing.


Maybe the premium players who were playing your game didn’t play it for that long.

If you want Premium Players to play longer, I suggest making more content that applies to them, as in, premium benefits.


I made a topic representing the ups and downs of Premium Payouts.

This should cover it!

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for these kinds of things, nor would i get angry over them, making more story/content should do the trick if you want them to play longer.

This is a post that is on the devforums.

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Is this still the case? Or has your payouts been more upon the upside?

they increased alot since then