Notes for Team Create

When working on a game with other people communication is key. If you’re not communicating well team members might sometimes start to implement things which break existing code. It’s therefore important to keep everyone up to date. Though, the only way to keep people up to date from within Team Create is through the chat. Unfortunately old conversations are lost when new conversations take place, so something that was said 3 days ago might already be forgotten. This is why I’m suggesting a functionality to leave notes behind in Team Create.

So, what exactly do I mean with this request? Well, if you take a look at Google Docs for example, you can highlight pieces of text and put a note next to it. Other people can then comment on it and so on. I would like to see something similar for Team Create: when you right click on an instance in the explorer an option would appear to leave a note behind. Some screen (or whatever the implementation might be) will pop-up and you’ll be able to write some stuff down. The instance would then get a subtle highlight in the explorer (or something else, I don’t mind how this would be implemented if it ever were to become a thing). This way whenever you make an important change to something you can leave a note behind for the next person who’s going to use it, for example after you edited an important script or after you made some changes to the structure of some map template.

Not only does this solve the problem of information getting lost due to newer conversations burrying it, this feature would also come with the convenience of giving information only to those who need it and when they need it: if you tag a model you’re working on, the programmer who’s working on making an interface work won’t see it because he’s never going to touch the model. The artist who does use the model however will see the note and is then informed about your important changes while you’re sleeping in your bed on the other side of the globe.


Could I post here something about it too?
Chatting would be faster if we could enable it by clicking “/” as on normal ROBLOX game.