Notification Number Isn't Centered

I received a notification ad I noticed that the number was offset by a couple of pixels. If you look closely, you can see that the number isn’t centered perfectly.

Time Noticed: 7:28 PM Central Standard Time at 5/19/2021

Reproduction Steps: Get a notification and look at the notification counter.



Hmm… they are centered for me…
Maybe it has to do with the theme you have? Try switching themes and seeing if it persists.
Other than that, its not a very detrimental bug and is only a small cosmetic flaw so idk :face_with_monocle:


Huh, that’s weird. This is a very minor problem, and I’m not exactly sure how it looks normally, but this I can definitely say that this isn’t how it looks normally.

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It looks like a problem with the theme, since I couldn’t reproduce it using the dark theme. I don’t think Roblox can fix that. If you can alert the creator of the theme about it they might be able to fix it.

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You missed it. The number itself is offset inside of the bubble.

It might have something to do with the theme your using, or screen size, or both.

I’m using the same theme on my phone and the number is perfectly center, so it may have to do with my screen size.

try restarting the forum

or restarting your pc

You should follow How to post a Bug Report when reporting bugs.

These kinds of issues need specific information about your browser version and form factor attached to be useful for engineers to look into.


Closing this out as “not a bug”, this is not significant enough for us to prioritize a patch for or follow-up with Discourse. If you also notice this on other Discourse fora with default themes, please feel free to raise it with the Discourse team.