Notification when plugin is out of date

Simple request. At the moment you can go a long time without realising there is an update for a plugin.


Better yet, they should have an option to enable automatic updates.


Notifications from studio would be annoying, and auto-updating would be a bad idea security-wise. (e.g. plugin author’s accounts would become targets)

Probably best to give the power to the plugin author to decide whether to show a prompt and how it should be presented. plugin:IsUpdateAvailable() would work.

How would a notification that you could choose to never show again be annoying?

The developer wouldn’t have control over it. I don’t want a pop-up interrupting my users’ workflow for a minor bugfix, which is why I would implement it myself to decide how much of their attention (if any) I should grab. I would also want the popup to match the visual style of the plugin itself for consistency.

Like I say in the OP, it would only pop-up when studio starts, and you would be able to choose to never show again meaning you personally would never see it. I’m not seeing how the one time it would popup for you means the rest of us shouldn’t have it?

A red dot next to the button that leads to the plugin management page would probably be the KISS solution here

I’m fine as long as I can see an update is required from in-place, whether that be a red dot or a notification is no difference to me :slight_smile:

Unsure what you mean here, can you clarify?

As in, once you press “don’t show again” you won’t see any plugin update notifications again

WOAH that’s an old thread.

Plugin updating is definitely an issue. Not too too long ago I moved the animation editor to be built in to studio so that it would be force-updated since the update prompt visibility was poor and bug reports for month old bugs kept coming in.

I kind of like the :IsUpdateAvailable api idea where developers can choose to show notifications however this only solves the issue for power users who know how to update plugins already. I think incorporating plugins into the startup page along with a notification there is the best idea.


I really like that idea.
Bonus points if there’s built-in support for a changelog.