Notify members when they are accepted into the group

Hello! I am writing on behalf of my team Fullflower Studio. Our game Mermaid Life is currently in Alpha. We require all potential players to be members of our closed group to access the game. We have an average of 3-4k new members every day to accept, yet our player count consistently stays at around 200. Why you ask? This may be heavily related to the following request-

As a Roblox developer, It is currently hard to tell new members about their acceptance into the group. We want to let them know that they are now allowed to play the game, as I believe most forget that they ever pressed that “join group” button after a day. Currently we group shout to let everyone know we accepted thousands of new members (since that shows up in notifications), but we prefer to simply promote our updates there as we believe those are the most important shouts to go up.

Regarding a recent update mentioning letting any player join 100 groups regardless of membership, this would be a nice feature to introduce, as players can become more interested and involved with the groups that they get accepted into as soon as they see that notification.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because players would dis-cov-er our game, quickly join our group, and play as soon as they knew for sure that they have been accepted.

Thank you for reading, I hope to see it come true!


Join requests as a whole could use some sprucing up. Not only are we not notified about when a request gets accepted, but we don’t even have a way to see which join requests are pending. A few months back I stumbled upon a group where a request was still pending, and with the fact that I decided to avoid joining any groups for years due to that five group limit, that’s a key sign on how far back that request goes.

Getting told when we’re actually accepted into one of our pending groups is another key addition we need here, the group sort of just popping up one day in our list is rather quiet… And with the fact that we can now join 100 groups, I’d imagine some players may not even notice that their request got accepted at all with how many other groups they could potentially be in.

One last detail that I’d say could be nice here is the group page’s sort. Right now your list of groups starts with your primary group, followed by an alphabetical sort of the rest of your groups. It’d be neat if we got any of our new groups to show up just under the primary group until the player visits the group page, with a nice (New!) in the corner to signal that they previously didn’t have access.


I just joined a group the other day and was actually waiting for a notification to tell me I got accepted
I was surprised to go to the page and see I was already accepted, I could have been playing this whole time😠
and yes relying on memory is not a good gamble lol
agree agree


Yes please, 100 percent.

Would be cool if there was also a little indicator that says if a group is public or not before you click join. Nice to have I suppose.