Roblox Premium is here!

Hey developers,

We’re excited to officially announce that Roblox Premium is in the process of going live across the globe! We’re using a gradual roll-out to make sure everything goes smoothly, so not everyone will have access to Premium yet, but should soon!

We know you have a lot of questions, and this announcement will be focusing on how Roblox Premium will impact you as developers. We hope this post provides answers to your questions and we’ll do our best to address any additional ones you may have.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:


There are no differences in perks between Premium 450, Premium 1000, and Premium 2200 aside from the amount of Robux you get in your monthly allowance.

You read correctly: that includes the Developer Exchange program. You don’t need Premium 2200 to participate in the Developer Exchange program; any level of Premium will work.

- ALL THE GROUPS :spider_web:

All Premium users are able to create and be in 100 groups, regardless of which level of Premium you have. Use this new power to create 100 development studios!


If you didn’t already have a monthly subscription, your membership will be automatically converted into a monthly renewing subscription. This means that if you have a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year membership, it will be converted to monthly renewing Premium when you reach your renewal period. Please note that you cannot change your membership level mid-cycle. You’ll have to wait until your membership is set to expire to upgrade or downgrade.


If you had a lifetime Builder’s Club membership, you now have a lifetime Premium membership of the most comparable level (i.e. Builder’s Club → Premium 450, Turbo Builder’s Club → Premium 1000, Outrageous Builder’s Club → Premium 2200).

- PAYDAY :money_mouth_face:

Robux allowances are now given upfront whenever your membership is purchased or renewed. That means you’ll get 450, 1000, or 2200 Robux that day to use for the rest of the month.

With all that said, we look forward to seeing how these changes benefit our developers!

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All Premium users are able to create and be in 100 groups

Is there any reason that this shift from Builder’s Club to Premium wasn’t used to give everyone that 100 group limit? Why do we even have this limit in the first place? With Roblox’s goal being to reduce development costs and encourage making games, I don’t see why this limit from a decade ago really fits with modern Roblox. It seems silly to put being able to be involved in more groups behind a paywall, especially when they serve as one of the big pieces in developing games on Roblox these days, to the point where a lot of big devs who are stuck with games on their profile are upset they can’t move those to groups.

Stuffing everything, the groups for our own projects, the groups for projects we’re involved in and need to stay in to get our % of the revenue, any social groups we’d like to be in, groups for games we enjoy (which often include bonuses for being within the group), testing projects from other devs, and a slot to juggle any groups we get paid for our commissions… That’s not going to fit within the five slots non-paying users get without cutting a lot of corners.


I have so many questions to be honest, and I’m sure that a lot of people on here wonder about the same as me:

  1. What will happen to limiteds?
  2. Fees for gamepasses and shirts/pants?
  3. Will the premium icon get remade, because honestly it isn’t like any of the other roblox ones and doesn’t look as good compared to e.g. the owner badge (opinion)?
  4. Will BC, TBC and OBC disappear forever?
  5. What will you do if this new premium service doesn’t work out, and is there a possibility for it to be reverted?
  6. Will there be different icons for each premium type?
  7. Why did you decide to go this way?
  1. Do you have an estimate on when this roughly will be available for everyone?

Very strategic move! The name change will probably also encourage more non-builders to upgrade.

From a developer perspective, it’s great that we can now DevEx when we don’t need the extra Robux the highest subscription level has to offer.

Personally I cannot wait untill I have full access to the 100 group slots without having to upgrade to the highest level!

Great update for the platform!


That’s awesome ! How much will it cost ?


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Currently on Roblox, there is a builder’s club permanent badge that’s given to anyone who’s ever had builder’s club. Will premium members receive this badge, along with the exclusive hard hat?


Such an amazing update, simply due to the lower barrier of entry for DevEx.
This is also a great way to get more people to upgrade, as Premium sounds more logical than Builder’s Club. Thanks guys!


The two reasons why I have OBC are for the 100 groups and the DexEx ability. I’m delighted to see that I can now do both those things, without having to pay the steep fee of $20 a month. This is amazing! Thanks!


Finally, our prize has arrived! I know a good thing has changed with the prize! but will the builders club symbol be completely removed?


Love this change, but it really sucks how me and many others bought annual outrageous builders club purely for DevEx just before premium was released because this was significantly cheaper than paying monthly.

So I’ve paid £130 for something that now I could just pay £55 to get (if I chose with the lower tier) - with the only advantage at the moment being more monthly Robux that aren’t really considered DevEx-able anyway.


I like the move towards Premium. It essentially consolidates all memberships into one. All you do is choose your monthly allowance, but the rest of features are unlocked to you. I think this is already better than tiered premium, which was essentially what Builders Club was. This plus the fact that a lot of previous BC-only features went public after enough time.

The clarification on various parts of Premium is appreciated, since I initially had concerns about it. This was mostly regarding billing, since I noticed I changed from yearly OBC to monthly Premium. Wrote a bit of a panic thread about losing 6 months of paid membership.

The one remaining mystery now is developer subscriptions. That third monetisation route for which the API is already in for, but it’s usage is disabled. That is, if that’s what it’s for. I might have a bit of fun locking game features to premium users or subscription buyers…

If only I made a game though, because I haven’t and I don’t earn squat.


Love the DevEx changes, but what about the # of active games, trades, the sales tax on selling things. Is there still the difference between non-premium and premium. Do we still get ad-free stuff, so it’s only Roblox advertisements from users?

What about the BC, TBC, OBC specific hats and items, and the unique things that came with them. Now I really like this change but there is literally 0 motivation for people to buy the upper tiers aside from the Robux budget and I feel this will decrease the total amount of money Roblox makes through these memberships.

Also, whens the full-rollout as I’m still under OBC and have been, compared to our EU friends who are premium.


Now developer are not forced to own obc to cash out, and 20$ (for me) is alot since dollar is not my main currency in my country, great update Roblox!


This is what I told my discord about the changes, I quiet frankly ready for a change, this is different. This is more reliable changes than we’ve had in past months or years. Great job Roblox!


This is a godsend! Only reason I’m paying $130/year is so I can DevEx. If even the lowest tier has that capability, I’m “downgrading” my membership level the next chance I get!


Are premium tiers going to be separate colors in the future? Right now I believe they are all white. What will happen to the OBC membership API for players, is there a new Premium API for players or is this now going to be hidden for privacy?