Notoriety Release Notes (2021)

Version 3.5C

:alarm_clock: Introducing timed lobbies! These lobbies exist without a host, and are free for the public to join. Once the timer hits zero, all players in the lobby are sent into a game, free of charge! There is a small chance these lobbies can be heists that require gamepasses too!

:wrench: Fixed a few lobby bugs:

  • You should be able to see your armor again when selecting an armor skin that isn’t the Black and Orange skin
  • Redeeming weekly challenge items should now work more correctly. Let us know if you have any new issues with this!

Version 3.5B

:star: Lobby updated, removed Halloween décor
:busts_in_silhouette: Lobby browser updated with more options and better display

  • Now shows player portraits, level requirements, stealth/loud requirements, and join requirements
  • Additional settings: Player Count and Requires Completion
  • Player Count specifies the max number of players who can join a lobby. This doesn’t affect AIs, it’s just a way to cap the number of players in a lobby.
  • Requires Completion means that players are required to complete the heist using the given difficulty before joining the heist. So, if you have a [stealth only, very hard difficulty Nightclub] heist set to require completion, only players who have completed Nightclub on Very Hard in Stealth will be able to join that heist. Especially useful perhaps on heists like Shadow Raid where you’d want experienced players to join
  • Fix: updating the lobby as a host should now replicate to all players, previously it only replicated if the host changed the heist
    :people_hugging: Game lobby player count set to be 30
    :speaking_head: Voice chat should now work in the lobby (as more API becomes available, this will eventually become much more clean + usable in implementation)
    :ring:You now can collect your Challenge rewards by going to the Challenges screen and clicking a button once it is complete

:syringe: Criminal AIs now run ~5x faster! This includes shooting and, more importantly, pathfinding. What does this mean? Criminal AI should now be a lot quicker to respond to players being down and should no longer ignore downed players
:gun: Bullets are much less likely to go through walls when shooting at or near invisible walls/map boundaries. This is especially true for police AI
:policeman: Police AIs now stop running when shooting, meaning they are less likely to awkwardly leave gunfights
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Objective displays should now be more noticeable
:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed some bloat in memory regarding old UIs
:wrench: More behind the scenes improvements!

:card_index_dividers: Previous Updates (2021)


:japanese_ogre: Added more formal support for animated masks

:mute: The mute menu music button now shows as muted if you rejoin the game after leaving (always saved, but didn’t show)

:rotating_light: If a service in the lobby is down, a more specific error message is shown (hopefully to communicate with players better)

:gun: Criminal AI + Police now fight more aggressively!
Criminal AI now can mow down groups of police whereas before they would have to shoot one target, then target someone else (which was costly + slow). Police now will shoot where they think criminals will be, meaning it’s more dangerous to pop out from walls or cover without waiting for the police to lose focus on you


:jack_o_lantern: Happy Halloween! For the entirety of October, you can earn rewards from playing Haunted Forest and Trick or Treat! (Including the rare Dominus Formidulosus mask!)

:calling: New interaction system - which brings us very close to mobile support, with only the guns in our way now
:running_man: New NPC ragdoll system
:speaking_head: You can now move guards if they’re tied

:raised_hands: Made repeat penalty a lot less harsh - you’ll need to play one match to see yours updated
:raised_hand: Added an unready feature in preplanning
:bulb: Added a distance-based rendering system for shadows

:gear: Added a dot crosshair (enable it in settings!)
:gear: Added option to disable lobby music
:gear: You can now toggle interactions instead of hold it (switch it in settings!)

:satellite: Added a status for TeleportService and DataStoreService in the lobby. It informs everyone what service(s) are currently down or running
:wrench: Fixed various viewmodel positions
:wrench: Fixed various skills related to interaction timing


:foot: Kicking players will blacklist them from lobbies. Try inviting players back or rehosting if you accidentally kick someone!
:timer_clock: Chat cooldowns will help prevent lobby chat spam
:timer_clock: If you leave a lobby there is a small delay before you can rejoin it
:wrench: Fixed some issues where players could join lobbies they weren’t supposed to (based on level, friendship status, etc.) - invite players to let them join regardless of these conditions


:wrench: Performed some lobby maintenance behind the scenes to improve your experience

3.4E + 3.4F

:necktie: New suit patterns for heisters! Get new suits when you complete certain stealth missions and a suit for infamous players!
:necktie: New suit pattern for players with Roblox Premium! (Only available in 3.4F servers and above)

:new: Updated the default and Sinister suit patterns
:new: Updated NPC clothing for thugs, bank tellers, and managers

:wrench: Fixed ruby safes and outlaw safes being unable to be opened
:wrench: Fixed skills and kill requirement descriptions in the challenge system getting mixed up
:wrench: Fixed Baneful Criminal kill requirements not working properly

(Important note: Players with the Baneful Criminal challenge that was bugged will either have to wait for us to manually fix it for them or wait for the week to pass, sorry!)


:recycle: You can now pay robux to change your challenge once it has been completed

:no_entry_sign: Monthly challenges won’t repeat anymore

:1234: Changed safe odds to numbers that make more sense, including the fact the odds weren’t accurate prior

:timer: Daily challenge timer reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours

:money_with_wings: Daily challenge prizes are now instant cash & experience

:confetti_ball: Challenge prizes are now more in-line with how much time they take


:rocket: Boosts! Boosts will offer cash & exp bonuses that are stacked on top of all your other bonuses. You can buy them at the store, get them from codes, and you get a free boost every time you go up in infamy!

:star2: Get the show on the road with the first booster code, boosterseat! Expires on June 1st!

:crescent_moon: Also, join our Moonstone Games group on Roblox for a permanent 15% cash & exp boost!

:trophy: Repeat penalty system & Bonus system has changed. Along with this, you can now see how much exp & cash will be reduced or given as a bonus from the lobby browser and heist creation screen for each heist.

(Reminder: This is part 1 of 2 of the Infamy Update!)

Confused on how the repeat system works? Click here.

Players think the system is consecutive, but it’s not. It’s over a period of previous heists played. This is intentional to prevent players from just alternating between 2 heists. A bonus is given when you play heists that you haven’t recently played. A repeat/reduction is given when you play the same heist a bunch of times. This makes grinding more tough, but we want to encourage players to try multiple heists in a game that has over 20 maps and counting.

I won’t give all the numbers, but if you want to avoid getting penalized for repetition, then you can play 7 different heists up to 3 times each.


:recycle: Teleportation failures will now retry twice! (that’s 3 total tp attempts). This is to help players that don’t teleport successfully on the first attempt!

:name_badge: Partial support for Display Names! As of now, it only shows up in the lobby, it will expand to the heists shortly

  • :wrench: Fixed an issue with springs causing the viewmodel arms to behave strangely when switching weapons and interacting with things
  • :wrench: Fixed a bug that involved players unable to be released from custody
  • :wrench: Fixed Criminal NPCs being able to revive a player more than once when they are close to the downed player, causing the player to teleport between each NPC
  • :adhesive_bandage: Safe doors (not vaults) open quicker to allow players to grab what’s inside faster
  • :wilted_flower: R.I.P in-game speedrun leaderboards (2017-2021)
  • :camera_flash: New redesigned cameras! (They also move and stalk you in certain difficulties)
  • :camera_flash: When using the camera feed, the screen now follows the camera as it changes direction. If the camera gets destroyed, you get booted off the camera into the next available camera
  • :pager: Pagers will go off on halted guards (Extreme, Anarchy, and Nightmare only)
  • :arrow_down: Less jumpy guards (by a lot)
  • :flag_white: Converting is now only allowed once the guards are cuffed
  • :no_pedestrians: Movement & masking is disabled during the black screen
  • :no_pedestrians: Jumping, sprinting, and crouching is now disabled in casing mode
  • :stopwatch: Timer now starts after the black screen is gone
  • :eye: Guards, civilians, and cameras have different FOV for each difficulty
  • :video_camera: Taking the guard in camera rooms hostage will also disable the cameras
  • :adhesive_bandage: Improved AI pathfinding across several maps (mainly in stealth)
  • :eye: :no_mobile_phones: NPCs can now see through placeable equipment
  • :eye: :mag: NPCs won’t able to see through glass anymore (as part of a balance change with the new cameras)
  • :no_pedestrians: :small_red_triangle: Cleaner costs increased
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Bunch of subtle map changes in relations to the stealth update
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Fixed detection freezing when disabling cams
  • :hammer_and_wrench: No more auto-body bag/convert when answering pagers
  • :no_pedestrians: Restricted areas!
  • :arrow_down: Reduced the number of civilians in Four Stores
  • :adhesive_bandage: Updated guard pathfinding in Golden Mask Casino to prevent guards from touching you at spawn
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Fixed the guard spawning on the roof in Shadow Raid
  • :flushed: When the update is sus
  • :credit_card: Halted guards now drop keycards
  • :credit_card: Guards who drop their keycards will no longer wear a lanyard
  • :wrench: Fixed “Red Phantom” gun skins showing geometry in front of certain attachments such as sights

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