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NYC:RP | New York City Roleplay


Communication Server Rules

These rules are to be followed at all times, in breaking a rule you may receive a punishment.
Staff reserve the right to use their power to deal with an incident how they best see fit.

  1. Follow the terms of service at all times
  2. Be civil (Don’t be rude, racist or homophobic) Saying any thing that breaches this rule is an instant kick/ban
  3. If posting a link, you may not use any link that will cause harm to a user, please provide a full link instead of a short one.
  4. All content, speech and images posted are to be family friendly.
  5. Swearing is allowed in Roleplay Channels, however it is not allowed anywhere else.
  6. Don’t ping @Admin+
  7. Don’t pretend to be staff.
  8. If you know of any scam going around then you must open a support ticket and inform us about it.
  9. No spamming in any channel. (edited


  1. Keep all channels to that channel topic, for instance RTO - Radio Traffic Only
  2. Keep background noise to a minimum, please use push to talk if you are in a noisy environment or a user asks you to.
  3. No rude/inappropriate screen shares/live streams. This rule directly follows the rule about family friendly content
  4. No use of racist or homophobic terms/words
  5. No swearing apart from in scenes in the roleplay voice category.
  6. Be kind to everyone (edited)
In game rules:

These rules are just a general overview of rules, please checkout department rules below for a specific department rules

  1. Be kind
  2. Mafia and full killing is allowed however if there are Ems online then you must wait 1-2 minutes before respawning
  3. Robbing stuff is crime, you may not commit crime in a mass way unless you have asked and been granted permission from either @D | Director or @AD | Assistant Director
  4. Please don’t use the default liveries on vehicles, use the custom ones included.
  5. Follow rules about departments, the following departments require you to be in the discord:
    • S.W.A.T - State and NYPD
    • FBI - Application only
    • Sheriff - Application only
    • US Marshal - Application only
    • Task forces - invite only
  6. Follow the chain of command, don’t immediately go to the highest ranking person.
  7. If a higher rank asks you to do something do it
  8. Ranks are department specific so for instance, FBI cannot command a State Trooper etc (The only exception to this is if it is part of a roleplay authorised by staff)
  9. Booster big guns gamepass, exotic cars and shotguns are booster only rewards.
  10. Realistic avatars.
Staff rules:

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Sub department rules

These rules may differ from department to department. When roleplaying as a certain department you must follow its rules. You should not use that departments livery’s when you are not apart of it or roleplaying as it.


Federal Branch

Coming soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Special Forces
  1. Use proper grammar and no trolling.
  2. Don’t use force until really needed.
  3. Do not disrespect civilians.
  4. Respect ranks higher and lower then you.
  5. When on duty should always be in the duty cars.
  6. Civilians aren’t allowed in cars only if your arresting the civilian.
  7. Follow higher ranks orders.
Sub department owner rules
  • All sub department members must be in both communication servers to take part in our servers roleplays.
  • All sub departments must train members for ranks.
  • All members of a sub department can join multiple sub departments.
  • A rank in one department doesn’t translate to a rank in another.
  • Sub departments need to be managed and active.
  • Sub departments can argue with each other.

Any sub department may request up to 10 livery’s to be made.
Any sub department found to be in violation of this rule must face a judge panel

We have multiple moderation structures across our ER:LC server and our communication server. All decisions made by our staff are professional and done in best effort to provide a safe and happy community.

What we believe in:
We believe in providing some of the finest roleplay experiences creating fun and joy for all of our members. Fail roleplay is not tolerated in any way. There is a specific command structure in how our server functions. Please see below for command structure.

Command structure/chain of command:
Higher on the list means there higher than all the ranks before them

  • Founder
  • Co-Founder
  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Department Heads
  • Internal Affairs
  • Senior Admins
  • Admins
  • Junior Admins
  • Senior Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Trail Moderator

If there is no one higher than an admin in the server then the person who opened the server will be the member of staff in command.

Thanks for reading
Signed, apoaddda the staff team

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