Oak Tale Project (Week 1)



Hello everyone, this is going to be my first update entry for my accelerator internship project Oak Tale! I will be doing these once every Friday to keep fans and followers caught up on the awesome progress we are making! As most of you may know, we announced that the game was going to be undergoing a full rewrite for the internship. There were many reasons for this, but ultimately many people were disappointed because they assumed that this meant that Oak Tale would take longer to release. However, this is not the case. The amount of work that you can get done in a week while working long hours is really unbelievable! So that means that we [Team Arcanum] are definitely on track to ship some version of Oak Tale at the end of my internship!

(TL:DR) Oak Tale is making quick progress and is on track for some sort of release at the end of the internship!

Change Log (Build 6/22/18)

Custom Streaming System
  • Portal System! (Maps get instanced as you load them!)
  • Custom Replication! (Replication from other clients only happens if you are in the same map as them!)
Dialogue System
  • Fully supports all types of dialogue: Normal, Quests, and Choice.
  • Choice dialogue type.
  • Updated camera system!
Quest System
  • Stores quest completion in four types: Available, In Progress, Completed, and Finished.
  • Quests can be turned in and check for a specific completion state!
Drop System
  • Item drops are securely made on the server, stored in a drop table specific to the player, and then replicated to the client.
  • Item drops CANNOT be spoofed!
  • Inventory
  • Quest Log
  • Skill Book
  • Added Rolling skill! (Default keybind: R)

Test it here!
Test Build Link

Oak Tale Project (Week 2)

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