Oak Tale Project (Week 2)

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This is my second weekly Oak Tale update!

Change Log (Build 6/29/18)

Updated Drop System
  • Client-rendered drops now tween to the player when picked up.
  • The drop system got a slight rework. Client-rendered item drops are now in the mouse’s target filter. Clicking is detected with a custom system using rays and camera position.
  • All menus can be dragged from the top of their frame.
  • Full drag & drop capability for the inventory menu.
  • Use, Etc, and Setup item-types can be stacked in their respective inventories.
  • Fixed a nasty bug regarding inventory.
  • Keybinding menu still in the works. (Put it off for a bit.)
All Things Combat
  • Enemy spawning system.
  • Custom enemy controller! (No humanoid :0)
  • Combat replication only to other players in the same map!
  • Increased the size of map “TestCombatZone.”
  • Added a Monster Pad with a max spawn limit of 1 to “TestCombatZone.”
  • Finished backend for custom replication!
  • Finished backend for player skills and skill points!

Test it here!
Test Build Link

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