Obby - FallingDown dead


Can someone help me with script what do when i jump down from obby stage platform in some time I die and respawn in last checkpoint?

Fast like in this server example:



We can’t give you full script but I’ll give you a method:
When a player joins add an IntValue to their player instance, everytime they touch a checkpoint update the value to the checkpoint’s number/stage, when they die make them go back to there by using the value they have.

If you want to detect when they die you should use the Humanoid.Died event.


I allready have checkpoints system. Thats not my question.
I need script to kill you when you jump and falling like example 1sec from platform down.

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You’ll have to create a part that kills the player


Make small invisible parts under the platform. That will 100% work.

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Fast like in this server example:


Yeah, as I said before: use invisible parts under the platform.

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No i dont need any platform but function!

Create an invisible part under everything and hook up a Touched event to it that kills the player when they touch it.

If you don’t use a platform, It would be more complicated. Since you don’t want to use one, check the player’s position on the Y vector. If they are lower than a certain height, kill them. If your obby has a change in elevation, check if their elevation is higher than a certain value and lower than a certain value.

If you don’t want to do that, you could use Region3.

(edit) This is over complicated. It’s not hard to just use a invisible platform with collisions off.

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Do you want the player to die then respawn quickly?

That’s an invisible kill brick without collision.


If u wanna respawn instantly after death then remove the wait before line LoadCharacter

Character = script.Parent -- path to your character

Humanoid = Character.Humanoid -- finding humanoid inside character as in char ill say it short

function OnDeath(plyr)

--wait(6) right here u instantly load char on death

plyr:LoadCharacter() -- Load character


Humanoid.Died:connect(OnDeath) -- conncect function when player dies

Also you said “Fast like in this” you mean instant respawn after death?

Don’t read the above spoiler, Kaihatsu below me just input value 0 on Players.RespawnTime

Can’t you just change the RespawnTime to 0?

yeah, I dont know about that one never seen a property “Respawn Time” until now

So the only thing you asked for I guess is

Platform to kill player right when he/she fall off the obby

Use RespawnTime or script above to remove delay on respawn after death

I dont need any respawn times! I have allready setuped all i just need when someone jump away thats like mean fail he teleported back to checkpoint like you see in video, he dont have kill platform on this server.

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Just make a script like this, this teleport function teleports anything including players

function TpToCheckpoint(hit)
local TpBack = part.Position -- Find path to which part u want the player to teleport back to
hit.Parent:MoveTo(TpBack) -- MoveTo is the main event to Move or teleport anything
script.Parent.Touched:Connect(TpToCheckpoint) -- run this function when anything including players touch that platform(script.Parent as in path to your platform)

You make a part under the platform that kills you and then set the respawn time to 0.

Make a part that kills the player very close under the obby, or alternatively, if the entire obby is on one level of height, set FallenPartsDestroyHeight from Workspace to the Y coordinate you want the player to die at.

Then, into Players, set RespawnTime to 0.

This doesn’t have to be done by script, do it manually once in studio, save the changes and it shouldn’t be a worry in the future, except if you change the Y coordinate of the obby if you’re going with the Workspace version.