Obby UI Feedback

I spent quite a while working on the user interface for this game, any feedback? Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s pretty good!

It is , however, rather basic, I’ll be honest, and a little simplistic.

Anyhow, this is good! 7-8/10


I’d say it’s perfect the way it is now. The simplicity, style and animations look and feel very polished. However, one thing I can suggest is this module, which allows you to add more buttons on the topbar, such as the chat button.

Wow, I love the UI you made. It suits the game well.


Thank you! Are you suggesting I replace the buttons on the side with buttons on the top bar?

Thats the style I was going for, I’m not really a fan of UIs with lots of detail

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The Simplicity of the UI is very suitable to your obby style and makes it look more catered to your game and makes your game look polished.

I would say 8.5/10.


ignore “mega crate” i forgot to get rid of that

If you’d like to. I’d say they both look great!

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The UI is pretty good! 8/10!

(but seriously why the pet crates)

roblox players love pets