Object Serializer Open Source

This system is an object serializer that reconstructs models from scratch instead of directly cloning their contents from a storage folder. Currently it can save position, rotation, size, transparency, primary parts, names, material and colors. It does not support unions.

You can place down a model and can save your progress by clicking the save button, though it should save every 30 seconds as well as when you leave the experience.

The system does not just clone models from ReplicatedStorage and place them down on the plot like you would for a sandbox tycoon. Instead, it recreates the contents from scratch, groups them, and then positions them on the plot.This means you can create a model, place it on your plot, leave the game, delete the model from the game entirely and have it still load the model.

Here is a demo video of the system:

Here is the place if your interested.
Here is the source code of the serialize script itself.


Hi there~ @zblox164

Thank you for sharing your creation with us, this is very interesting stuff.

Would you kindly create a link to Source code (preferably Github and/or Pastebin) for people who want to read the source but don’t have any access to a PC or maybe want to contribute to the source