Object:Clone() [Rotation]

Hello, I would like to know why the rotation of my clone is different from what it should be, it is on the side being that it was to be in front.

He is in Replicated Storage, inside a folder, I also wanted to know if the folder influences the rotation…


A folder should in no way effect an objects rotation or orientation, however don’t quote me on that.

The most likely culprit is cloning the model from ReplicatedStorage to Workspace is messing with the welds and producing some funky results, have you considered keeping the model in Workspace and using Model:MoveTo or Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame to move him into position as opposed to cloning him?

I used that on the script

Would i make it a model? it’s a Mesh.

That script snippit does not reference :MoveTo or :SetPrimaryPartCFrame, I will redirect you to the solution given in my original reply.

Aren’t you welding it in Position with your CFrame, but not Rotation?

I did not changed the Rotation or Orientation, just welded it.

That’s what I mean, you need to set the Rotation to align the hair to the Head.

Would i use like newhair.Rotation = head.Rotation?

Unfortunately that probably won’t work since meshes in a Part don’t always align to the Head’s Rotation.

Have you tried making it an actual Hat, with a Handle?

May I also chime in and say that your setting of the C0 and C1 of the welds seems slightly redundant considering it should be automatically set if the hair is in the right place.

Once again, I urge you to experiment with my suggestion that was evidently skipped over and would spare you the trouble of using script created welds in the first place. I also fail to notice why you create such a hassle of cloning just the hair into Workspace from ReplicatedStorage and not the entire model with it (also would save you a lot of trouble).

And to echo @Scottifly’s suggestion, if you turn the hair into an actual Accessory with the proper values, you can use Humanoid:AddAccessory to essenially automatically weld the item.

All are better solutions than pulling at straws with cloning the hair.

It appears to be a script to change your Character’s hair during the game.
As stated, much easier to use Roblox provided tools that do just that.

I wasn’t sure of how hats worked, but here’s a wiki link to AddAccessory as @TerryMichaelBrunk suggested:

Thank you both, it worked! I will now adjust it to the character’s head by script, so that I can launch character customization for my game tomorrow, as I planned!