Objects with attributes should have modified explorer icons

As a Roblox developer it’s not super hard to figure out if objects have attributes but being able to tell at a glance if they do without scrolling down to the bottom of properties window would be a nice QoL booster.

I was organizing models today and forgot that some of the objects in them contain important data in the form of attributes. My focus was on the explorer window and not the properties window so I didn’t catch the mistakes I had made when “spring cleaning”.

If Roblox were to address this issue it would improve my ability to tell at a glance which objects have attributes and which don’t. It would be a great help in avoiding mistakes.



Attributes are by far the most useful feature added in the last couple years for me as a developer (and I doubt I’m alone in that feeling), and this would be a fantastic QoL addition.


This was requested last year also.

It’s important to be able to identify these instances because the existence of attributes means they’re scripted objects, and likely their position in the hierarchy is important.

This + other icon tweaks such as showing part shape would be very useful towards QoL and error avoidance.