Obtain accessory catalog information past page 34?


Currently, it’s impossible to retrieve data past page 34 of accessories in the catalog, if using search.roblox.com, as explained here.

I’m at the point in my project where I can’t continue without being able to retrieve the information past page 34. Is there any alternative which enables you to retrieve this catalog information? For example, Catalog Heaven appears to be working fine, suggesting there is an alternative viable method.

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I’ve done some messing around to find endpoints or API’s you can use but unfortunately you’ll have to either wait for this to be fixed or ask the creators of Catalog Heaven how they did it. I haven’t had any luck finding alternative methods.



I believe @Quenty was responsible for the systems behind this. He may be able to give us an insight into retrieving this data.

Hopefully the API is fixed soon. It’s been over three months since the issue was first reported yet we’ve has no response yet.

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Use this link I think it is made by @ash877


If I understand what you are looking for.

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Unfortunately that also depends on search.roblox.com therefore fails at page 35 too.



I think Catalog Heaven has it’s own database of items, and uses this to include things like if an item is banned or not. It just updates whatever has been recently updated or created, and therefore doesn’t need to go past page 34.



That’s a pretty good possibility. If so, we might be able to use this list to retrieve accessories for the time being.



I didn’t write the API, but I can confirm that this is an issue impacting Catalog Heaven too. Having this fixed is important to Catalog Heaven’s success.

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This is something I’ve brought up internally with Roblox, so they are aware. Right now the best you can do is conduct many different searches - use all the different search filters - and combine the results together. You should be able to get a vast majority of the items in the catalog with this method.

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Thanks for your responses - glad to hear they’re aware of the situation. For now I’ll combine the results of various search filters then.

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