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Hello Ocean.

As we are actively looking for improvements and things to work on to make Ocean a better place, we’ve decided to fix up some parts of or moderation, rules, leeway, and things in that path. Please pay close attention to this announcement as the warnings mentioned in this will no longer be valid from tonight.

Warnings for ‘caps abuse’: We have come to a conclusion and agreed that using capitals isn’t really harming anybody at all, with of course the exception of trolling, or using them to yell at or be rude to others in the game. As from now, warning any user for capitals will be an invalid warning, however this rule sticks for staff members - staff members mustn’t use capitals or at least not for negative reasons, using them may make you look unprofessional.

Warning fellow staff members: I assume you get the gist of where this is going. We’re not too sure why other staff members like to warn each other inside the hotel, but from tonight this will also not be taken in as a warning by the Ocean Hotel MR/HR team. If you see anybody warning staff, the user most likely didn’t see this announcement. If this is the case, please inform them on the new warning update(s). With the exception of MRs, who can warn users in PMs, any other LR should not be warning any other fellow employees.

Thank you to those who read this announcement carefully and we hope you enjoy the rest of your night/day!

Ocean Hotels - Zivao, Vice President

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